The scenes with pool that made me waver a long time

Cinema 17 January, 2017

A guaranteed selection without Loana.
And yeah y’a not that in reality TV shows we fout a pool in the middle of the hut in the hope that the bodies unfold and rub. The erogenous power of the swimming pool is also used in cinema through scenes that disturb me again … (yes, I’m small, but if you have clicked is that you’re too).
Carmen Electra in “My Boss, Her Daughter and I” (2003)
We will not lie, “My Boss Daughter” is a big stew in which Ashton Kutcher has to keep the house of his employer, who incidentally has a daughter (Tara Reid) that Kutcher would like to type well. But everything will go on pacifier when not clear people will invite in the house, whose torrid Carmen Electra, came with her two best assets . The climax of her performance is reached when she plays the t-shirt wet in the pool …
Scarlett Johansson in “What Men Think” (2009)
After Bill Murray, who has lost his head in “Lost in Translation” , Scarlett Johansson was also on the verge of crack Bradley Cooper in “He’s Just Not That Into You” . OSEF their status “couples” , it has not at all kept flirting. But Bradley will finally find the strength to put a stop to the most attractive blonde galaxy . Sitting by a pool, sir will play the “we can stay good friends eh” . A boy scout oath that he was close to cum in the water when Scarlett undressed before him to prick a head. The island of temptation.
“What Men Think” (2009)
In another scene, Megan Fox still raises the temperature …
Yes, “40 how to” is clearly less fun as “Knocked manual” . This comedy about the quarantine crisis bounces back like dab on the gap with the younger generations, of which Megan Fox is a (beautiful) symbol. The maid disturbs all the men she meets as in this scene where she appears in bikini in the pool of her boss . Jason Segel and Chris O’Dowd are still back …
Phoebe Cates in “Heat in Ridgemont High School” (1982)
Sabrina and “Boys Boys Boys” did not have a monopoly on sexy sequences pool in the 80 At that time, a bunch of young teens also fantasized about the wet passage Phoebe Cates in “hotting high school Ridgemont ” , unpretentious comedy with please, Sean Penn and Forest Whitaker in the cast. Good to go back to Phoebe, no one has forgotten that moment when she leaves the pool in red bikini, which she is preparing to remove the top before … before ruining the film imagined Judge Reinhold And to surprise him in full handjob. #Wire rack.
Kate Beckinsale and Christian Bale in “Laurel Canyon” (2003)
The film was such a failure in the States that it was released directly on DVD with us. Yet, there were some tricks to save like this scene in the pool, which makes the happiness of some naughty tubes. To set the scene, you must first know that in the film, Frances McDormand is the mother of Christian Bale and that Kate Beckinsale is his chick. The latter will be perverted by the mother and son to the point of them organize a plan to 3 in the pool of the family home . Of incest and sapphism, what more can you ask for?
Elizabeth Berkley and Kyle MacLahan in “Showgirls” (1995)
Paul Verhoeven rarely done things halfway, often very good as the movie “It” which recently won a Golden Globe for Isabelle Huppert, but sometimes good dung. “Showgirls” is classified in the second category. Elizabeth Berkley plays a stripper who tries to survive in Vegas. This did not prevent a good time with Kyle MacLahan (the famous Dale Cooper in Twin Peaks ) in a scene that will remind you of the mid-ball Sunday night on M6.
By taking a look at the scene as it is, without taking the overallity of the film, you can tell yourself that any guy would have dreamed of being in the place of the late Anton Yalchin in this pool. That is to say between the two bombs Amber Heard and Amanda Seyfried for a threesome not yucky . But this is to forget that he is hostage then … “Alpha Dog” tells indeed a sordid fact, that of Nicholas Markowitz, a young boy of 15 who was kidnapped by a group of thugs Because of the bullshit of his big brother. While waiting for the ransom, Nicholas was sequestered in a funny way: he lived in the heart of the group, taking advantage of parties, alcohol and so plans to 3. Hard, hard not to experience a syndrome Stockholm.