The series the Lord of The Rings to Amazon would be on the youth of a hero

Cinema 17 May, 2018






One of the deals television the most expensive of all time and a huge challenge for Amazon, the series the Lord of The Rings already made drastic changes (or anything, for you to see).

A little reminder of the facts. While Netflix still reigns supreme on the small world of streaming platforms and the competition is still a little soft, Amazon has decided to get out the motherfuckin’ BFG 9000 turbo dollars and embark on a series adapted from the Lord of the Rings Tolkien, 16 years after the beginning of the cult trilogy of Peter Jackson.

The issue is crucial not only for the image of Amazon, which does not have the right to the error on a material as sensitive, but also for its savings : the simple acquisition of the rights would have cost 250 million dollars and forced the platform to engage in five seasons, and several are rumors of a series to a billion.

So, what to do in this situation ? Take the world backward. In fact, a mysterious tweet from has emerged on the canvas, and this is what he says :


[BREAKING] We have confirmed from multiple sources that @AmazonStudios new billion-dollar #LOTR series will open first-of-its season centered on a young Aragorn.

Let’s discuss whats available and how this opens up Tolkien’s Legendarium. Has thread. #Tolkien

— (@theoneringnet) may 16, 2018

“[BREAKING] Several sources confirmed to us that the series the Lord of The Rings a billion Amazon Studios will open its first season on a Aragorn a young age.”


Nothing is yet officially confirmed for the time being, so this information is really to be taken with a grain of salt, but that being said, if this is true, we wish the best of luck to Amazon for the cast after the performance was hailed by Viggo Mortensen.

After, it is also essential to realize that all depends on what one calls “young” here : as a reminder, Aragorn, as the heir of Isildur and of his royal blood, has a longevity higher than normal and was already 87 years old at the beginning of the Lord of The Rings : the fellowship of The Ring. So he had all the time necessary for a good life epic adventures and memorable. It is hoped.