The Shannara Chronicles Season 2: Actors from The Vampire Diaries, The Flash and UnREAL at the cast!

Cinema 1 February, 2017

The production of season two of The Shannara Chronicles begins and hosts to its casting actors of The Flash, The Vampire Diaries, Unreal, etc.
A long wait! There are nearly a year, the first Shannara The Chronicles of season, for which we dévoilions our top 3 of the best scenes , ended. Although it was renewed for a season 2, the production did not seem to start and we were beginning to fear that it did not see the light. Nevertheless, it is not so, the shoot is about to begin in New Zealand and the US cable channel MTV has announced the cast of five actors. Indeed, Malese Jow (as we saw in The Flash, Vampire Diaries and ephemeral Star-Crossed ), Vanessa Morgan (who played in Bird Finding Carter and we could see Degrassi: The Next Generation ), Gentry White (as we have seen in Fast & Furious 7, Unreal, TURN ), Caroline Chikezie (Mainly known for her role in Footballers’ Wives ) and the novice comedian Desmond Chiam join Austin Butler, Ivana Baquero, Manu Bennett, Aaron Jakubenko and Marcus Vanco in their new adventures.
The second season of The Shannara Chronicles promises to be intense since its official synopsis tells us that: “While the resurgence of magic terrifies people the Four Lands, an organization called The Crimson uses fear and intimidation to sow discord between Wil, marked by the loss of Amberle and his separation from Eretria, turned his back on his magical destiny to become a healer – until Mareth convinced him to join the fight.When he found Eretria, Wil Mareth and seek Allanon, only they discover that Bandon is on a mission to revive the darkest creatures of evil: the Lord Warnock ” . If you do not know the series, know that the first season is available in full on Netflix, which also offers us the new Riverdale, why we told you if it was worth it after episode 1! What do you think of these castings?