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Health 3 July, 2017


The singer of Italian-belgian, Frédéric François has made a bad fall that led directly to the hospital. The artist is on this accident, which occurred in mid-June, in the pages of the magazine France Dimanche.

Frédéric François is not messed up by missing a stair tread at home in mid-June. The singer tells the magazine France Dimanche how he has been hospitalized for a sprained knee in mid-June.

“After several months on the road, between the travel, the rehearsals, the shows… I was particularly tired, starts the sexagenarian. The Sunday evening after the performance, we have decided to take the road to reach our home in Wanze, close to Liège, in Belgium. After driving for four or five hours, we finally arrived here, in the middle of the night. “

In a total black, the artist gropes and fall by missing a step.”As I was exhausted, a little bit in the vapes the same, I didn’t pay any attention to this small step that separates the parking lot to the house, that I know yet by heart… And badaboum !, details the italo-belgian. Thinking that it is no great thing, Frédéric François is not in the emergency department:”I’ve just taken medication to stop the inflammation and relieve myself, wrap to ice my knee, which had doubled in size and I went to bed hoping that all would be returned in the order the next morning. “

But the pain does not calm down, pushing it to check in faster,” I threw, something terrible, “he remembers. My wife has suddenly backed up the car and we spun to the emergency room of the hospital.”The diagnosis is without call : sprain of ligaments of the knee, but by miracle, not requiring operation. His fans will be able to so be reassured, the singer goes very well. “” No, don’t move, I’ll deal with it “. I love it. Not really, I don’t have to complain about, life is beautiful“, has fun, Frédéric François.

Frédéric François

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