The small details that kill on “Futurama”

Cinema 1 March, 2017

The series that mark an era and a public necessarily contain little secrets, details and other anecdotes. Examples with “Futurama”.
With Matt Groeaning and David X. Cohen in control, the success was predictable. When you created “The Simpsons”, you have a little talent. Broadcasted from 1999 in the States, and 2000 in France, the series lasted eight seasons . Either 124 episodes of 22 minutes. That is to say, a lot of material to find some stories to tell.
That almost called “Doomsville” or “Aloha Mars”
In order to stick a minimum to the subject and to the pitch, the creators wanted a name that had a relationship. Normal, there is a minimum. So at first they thought of “Doomsville” or “Alhoa Mars”. And finally they opted for “Futurama”, in reference to a 3,300m2 exhibition in New York in 1939 , in which people were supposed to see what life would look like twenty years later. I do not know the guys at the origin of this thing, if they were young, but at least they were ambitious. Sometimes vicious.
The sounds come from “Star Trek”
On first viewing, it’s hot to realize it. Then, by force, from episode to episode, you begin to ask yourself the question, to make the comparison . Not you ? Well, let’s admit, but some yes. They checked and realized that it was downright the same sounds for the automatic doors that close, the car, the lasers bright … As if by chance!
Languages ​​created … to disturb you
If you are attentive, in the background, there are often things scribbled on pictures, posters, walls, trucks … And looking at it, it’s the same signs that come back. At first, it is simply the four letters DRINK. Ok. Then we see chelous symbols , each corresponding to a letter of the alphabet or a number corresponding to the place occupied in the alphabet, since there are 26. But then to know what to do with it, the doubt Remains. What if it was just a trap to make us think in a vacuum?
Owls are scrapings
Incredible but true, the owls have invaded the city. Usually it is the rats or the pigeons that we drink to come to attack us, but not there. They were replaced by owls. Everywhere, all the time. At first it’s just a joke . Then it becomes a running gag. Before finishing in serious stuff, where men make face-to-face with owls and capture them in bags to exterminate them.
Hermes was not to be a Jamaican, nor to be called Hermes
Yeah, that’s a lot. Basically, he was called Dexter, by the way. Will know why, the creators changed their mind during a recording , and then decided that it came from the country of Bob. As a result, they delayed the moment when they reveal its past to be well square, to build a little more seriously the character.
Howard Stern takes a tackle following a true story
Billy West is the American actor who makes Fry’s original voice, as well as those of Professor Farnsworth, Doctor Zoidberg and Zapp Brannigan. In short, during an episode, Fry yells at the top of his voice: “Howard Stern is overcharged!” Why ? Just because Billy West got confused with him and did not want to work with him anymore. So, he made your little kiff, his personal revenge.
Fry is a rebel without cause
Aber warum do you want to say. So here’s the explanation. You see Fry’s outfit? His red jacket, your white t-shirt, his blue jeans? No way, you say to yourself. And it is inspired by that of James Dean, in the film … “Rebel without a cause”, which happens to be “La fureur de vivre” in VF. Tadam, mystery cleared up.