The stars as you see them VS The stars as they are in real

Entertainment 27 December, 2016

Between the image that the stars want to give of themselves and their real personality, there is sometimes a world that wanted to explore a photographer …
I prevented your bad spiritI prevented your bad mind nan, there is no question of a before / after around celebrities on-Masked or of facts Photoshop . It is here about the image returned by the people themselves, who as you know, have to fold almost H24 to the game of communication. At your modest scale, you also make a gaffe in your image, taking for example the care not to swing photos compromising on the social networks (or not). For Goffman sociologist, all interactions are thus similar to a play where each participant plays one or more roles in both the idea of value . In short, everything stinks too much for the fake photographer Andrew H. Walker , who on the sidelines of the Toronto Film Festival, asked some famous artists to drop the mask. A series of photographs in mirror with on one side the public figure, and on the other, the one that expresses itself in the intimacy. It is up to you to guess each time the distribution of roles (since it is a role in both cases, CF friend Goffman, ahhh we will ever get away …).