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Entertainment 15 August, 2017


For a long time at the top of his field, nothing seemed to resist the runner Usain Bolt set apart a certain Rihanna, visibly determined not to yield to the invitations of the jamaican champion.

Recently defeated in the discipline that he has so long dominated the head and shoulders, Usain Bolt has competed many years in pulverizing the competition. Athlete-titled multiple times, world record holder, DJ in his spare time, the rider is a living god in the eyes of many Jamaicans. An admiration that does not share necessarily all the people of the Caribbean are to believe the interview entrusted recently to the Sunday Newspaper by Pascal Rolling, the hunter of talent for Puma for many years. The man who attempted to collaborate with Usain Bolt and the singer Rihanna ensures that the current is not passed between the two stars.

Pascal Rolling, remembers yet that Usain Bolt has long been under the spell of the goddess of Barbados. According to him, the athlete has done everything in his power to arrange a meeting with the ex-girlfriend of Chris Brown. The Face of the lack of response, Bolt has decided to skip the intermediaries and directly contact the star of Rn’B on the phone. Once again, radio silence on the side of the interpreter of Diamonds. “His ego has taken a hit, recounts Pascal Rolling about the runner jamaican. Far from admit defeat, Usain Bolt was then expected to end up in the same parisian hotel as the singer to try his luck. As the only response to his invitation, the entourage of Rihanna offers him a place to attend the concert of the diva behind the scenes. “Too upset ” to have been thus snubbed, the olympic champion eventually boycott the show. Proof by example that, in the eyes of Rihanna, money, fame, and the physics are little things.

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