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Entertainment 11 January, 2018


Alain Delon was at length entrusted to Valérie Trierweiler for a one-off edition of Paris Match, which is entirely devoted to. Back on a beauty of exception, fiercely protected by its mother.

It remains the embodiment of beauty, an icon of French cinema has only very little known. While Alain Delon will turn his ultimate feature film during the summer of 2018 in front of the camera by Patrice Leconte, Paris Match devotes a special series dedicated to the monster sacred of the seventh item back on a long career marked by encounters with huge filmmakers and on his intimate life, rich with stories of love passion. Alain Delon is engaged as never to Valérie Trierweiler and rests in particular on his childhood and an unusual message signed by his mother.

While he was only a toddler, the actor explains that its remarkable beauty was already noticed. To the point of bringing in her mother’s home a need for overprotection. “Already my mother often repeated when I was a kid. In the street, people stop to tell him : “What is this that it is beautiful, your son !” But she could not bear not to touch me, then, when she was walking in the park of Sceaux she had hung a little sign on the stroller : ” Look at me but don’t touch me ! “declares Alain Delon to the reporter, with which he saw a tender friendship.

Over the course of a marathon interview to find it in full in the out-set of our colleagues, entitled, “Delon’s single”, the actor who celebrates his 60-year career is back on fame, love, money, religion, death and also his family, with whom the ties have sometimes been tense.


Alain Delon

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