The terrible confessions of a France Gall Michel Berger : “All his life, he waited the death of his brother and then his daughter” – Gala

Entertainment 9 January, 2018

Michel Berger

Two very close to Michel Berger suffered from very serious illnesses : his brother Bernard had multiple sclerosis, and his daughter Pauline, with cystic fibrosis. France Gall was entrusted, shortly after the death of her husband, on these terrible trials, that he feared to live.

In appearance, Michel Berger was everything to him : the fame, the talent, the beauty, France Gall, a wife who has been as successful as him, two children… And yet, the composer lived events excruciating. First, the death of his brother, Bernard, who suffered from multiple sclerosis. The singer, who died Sunday, January 7, remembered at Release in 2002 : “When Michel was 8 years old, his father, John Burger, left the house. He told her that his older brother had a multiple sclerosis is incurable. It was a great teacher of medicine, and he does not accept them.”

Then, after the birth of their daughter, Pauline, Michel Berger and France Gall learn that she suffers from cystic fibrosis, a genetic disease, rare and incurable. “All his life, Michel waited for his brother’s death and that of his daughter”, was terribly the icon years yéyé.

Michel Berger is finally died of a heart attack before his daughter, in 1992. In 1997, Pauline was joined in his white Paradise, she was only 19 years old. France Gall was then inconsolable. “We do not return to live such a thing, we do not return to live it, because this is precisely the thing that you want and cannot live.Everyone says that this is impossible, inhuman… And yet I live, and I couldn’t believe that this is possible“, admitted it in a documentary in 2001.


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