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Entertainment 18 August, 2017


Photographed at the side of his wife during their vacation in ‘secret’ in the south of France, Emmanuel Macron, has filed a complaint for ” harassment and attempt of infringement of privacy “. Despite this, the magazine Here is will post tomorrow the pictures of discord.

As François Hollande at a time, Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte have managed, during a short period of time, to sow the journalists in order to fully enjoy their vacation. The couple and their security apparatus were then set sail to Marseille where they spent a few days in the home of an acquaintance. During this brief escapade, the husband Macron have yet been caught up by one or more photographers who have not hesitated to immortalize them on a few of the shots never appeared in the press. While the president of the Republic announced earlier this week that it had filed a complaint for ” harassment and attempt of infringement of the private life “, the magazine Here is announcing today that it will publish the photos long-awaited Friday, August 18.

Up here, nobody really knew if the photographs possessed Here were still in the wild and for good reason: during the stay in marseille of the tenant of the Elysée, Thibault Daliphard, a paparazzi 29-year-old, was placed in police custody for at least six hours. He claims to have just been recognized by one of the security officers of the president of the Republic. “They have searched all my gear, my bags. I had to remove my shoe laces, my watch… I was treated like a criminal “, he then testified in the pages of VOD. On Friday, the first images of the vacation secret of Emmanuel and Bridget Macron will land either in the booth. They would have been taken while the couple was staying in the private property of the prefect of the PACA region Stéphane Bouillon, in the 7th arrondissement of Marseille, on the heights of the city, in the upscale neighborhood of Talbot park.

Photo credits : Dominique Jacovides / Sebastien Valiela / Bestimage

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