The truands you’re glad you only saw in film and not in real

Cinema 8 March, 2017

The biopics are really interesting, in order to have a portrait on a particular person. Including on real gangsters. And here, you’re relieved to be behind your screen.
For once, we do not say, “Wow, I would have loved to know him in truth” . No, once is not custom, life is well made. Your paths have not crossed, thank you. Back on these biopics that made you realize that there are still big tares with whom you do not play cunt .
Mickey Cohen (“Gangster Squad”)
Former boxer turned gangster, Mickey reigns over Chicago. That he considers to be his territory, that’s all. A sensitive hair, very emotional, it tends to see red at the slightest trick … Even surrounded by cops, it does not surrender and launches without doubt. Good mix of calculation and instinct, it was necessary to stop it. The opportunity to see Sean Penn in a taré.
Al Capone (“The incorruptible”)
Using and abusing vindictive remarks, aggressive attitudes and baseball bat (for example), Al Capone leads his career in a masterful way. De Niro makes flipping so much he is possessed, sometimes sensitive, sometimes completely crazy. The cop in front, Eliot Ness, does not have fun everyday facing a guy like that. Because the guy does not just sell alcohol illegally, there’s everything else around …
Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel (“Bugsy”)
Big ugly up in Las Vegas, he runs hotels and plays with the lives of people around. Let them kill them or save them. A self-made man, an entrepreneur with visions, including the one to open a hotel-casino in the desert, “Bugsy” (Warren Beatty) also has a heart since he loves his wife. Problem: he likes to play and take risks. And it is not always very sweet . Neither very discreet, as when he balances several balls in the buffet of a guy, in an office, next to other people who work on the phone, see and hear everything.
Sam “ace” Rothstein (“Casino”)
Still in duet with Joe Pesci, Robert De Niro still delivers a crazy performance. Ugly sent by the Chicago mafia to manage casino Tangiers in Las Vegas, he is a cold-blooded, calculating, intelligent killer . Who knows where he sets foot and warns his acolyte, more subject to the blows of blood. You do not have the right to make mistakes, even as a cook preparing muffins. His empire will grow, the troubles will multiply. That’s the game.
Frank Lucas (“American Gangster”)
A guy who wants to succeed at all costs, to become rich, to have a huge hut, to please his mother … All this, we want to understand. As for the means used, it is necessary to agree to deviate a bit from the rules and morality. To make her biff by transporting heroin in the coffins of the soldiers who died in combat, in Vietnam , one must not only think about it but also dare to do it. At the same time, Frank Lucas dared to stop a guy in the street, in front of everyone.
Henry Hill (“The freedmen”)
He had a goal since his earliest childhood and he accomplished it. It’s beautiful. “As far as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster .” There is no need for guidance counselors or training courses. The street school, the field. Patient, intelligent and deceitful, he made his way without anyone expecting it . Sorry for the deceiver, but the guy was a mine of nothing an FBI informant and swayed fifty gangsters. Not jojo all that. And congratulations to Ray Liotta who happens to shine despite the presence of De Niro, still there in the movies of gangsters. Which mob you fear most?