The tv series Halo has just lost its director

Cinema 4 December, 2018






Decidedly, when it doesn’t, it doesn’t… After years stuck in a closet, the series adapted from the Halo saga seemed to finally exit a business. Except that no, in fact.

The adaptation of the video game Halo to the cinema, we talk about it still for more than 10 years ago, when Peter Jackson had bought the rights and that he had entrusted the project to the young Neill Blomkamp. A first missed appointment that has not served to anything, because, on the one hand there was District 9, and the other, Halo has had several versions, whether web-series or animation. But the great adaptation of the saga of the Master Chief remains to be done.


In road to glory


We thought it was finally launched when, last June, the chain Showtime had announced that she had rights and that she was going to produce an ambitious series based on this universe. In August, the network confirmed that everything was for the better, providing for a first season of 10 episodes, directed by Rupert Wyatt, director of The Planet of the apes : The Origins, for a shoot planned in 2019.

Except that here, it will not happen and, as we learn today, via the site, Variety that the director has just quit the adventure. This is further explained in a press release :


Master Chief


“It is with great disappointment that I announce that the changes to the production planning of the Halo series, I cannot continue my role of director. My time spent in Halo was rich on creative, and highly beneficial in making me meet an incredible team. I join to this legion of fans who are waiting for the series, can’t wait to see the finished product and hope that the team gives us his best.”

A starting cause quite a concern in the production since, as we recalled, the series had to begin filming at the beginning of the year 2019, which means that the preparation of the shoot was to be at a fairly advanced stage at the time of his departure. For the moment, Amblin Television, one of the producers, has not yet announced any report but this seems to be inevitable, if only for him to find a replacement.


Suddenly, he finds himself very much alone

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