The Vampire Diaries, Arrow, Game of Thrones, The Flash, Pretty Little Liars … These series where the characters never really die

Cinema 20 January, 2017

It’s hard to say goodbye to your favorite characters? Stop crying, you never really die in the series. The proof…
Have the cojones to kill a key character. A bold bet to which many series try, without really sticking to it. To please the discontented fans, re-boost audiences at half-mast or to explain a somewhat fickle scenario arc … so many reasons that push our favorite shows to revive the dead ! Latest example? The unexpected return of a character in season 7 of Game of Thrones . If we are sometimes more than delighted that our favorite character picks the tip of his nose the time of flashbacks or squarely for good, force is to realize that one begins to saturate this tendency to the resurrection ! Yes, because by using this method, our series fetishes lack originality and kill little by little the devastating effect that can provide the death of a character on the fans. Should the dead be left where they are?