The Vampire Diaries, Arrow, Teen Wolf, Dawson: Top 10 most romantic couples of all time!

Cinema 14 February, 2017

This is Valentine’s Day and for the occasion, the editing of Melty has been wanting to come back on the most romantic couples of all time. Are you ready ? Let’s go !
Love to love! And yes the meltynauts, in life as in fiction, love is the main motor of our emotions. Our favorite heroes fall in love and give us a facet of their unique personality. And over the decades, their love stories were chained to the viewers’ delight . But it must be admitted that some couples offered us scenes outright romantic. While Melty’s editor suggested you discover our criticism of episode 12 of season 8 of The Vampire Diaries , we decided to go back to all these epic and grandiose love relationships on the occasion of the feast of the lovers!
Stefan & Elena – The Vampire Diaries
Difficult not to mention the very first couple of The Vampire Diaries as Stefan and Elena have proved to us how much one could love sincerely . Whether kissing under the moonlight, declaring passionate love or languorous looks, these two will have inspired a whole generation of lovebirds.
Joey & Pacey – Dawson City
It’s been a few years since Joey and Pacey have disappeared from our small screen but few have forgotten the passion that remained between them. The thunderbolt of two opposites who have learned to discover and love each other without limit: that sums up this couple as atypical as magnificent .
Spencer & Toby – Pretty Little Liars
Spencer and Toby, in love with literature, have never ceased to offer us romantic scenes. Toby still built a house for Spencer! Young people have always placed themselves in epic and intense situations in the image of their love which, even after years, has never faded.
Meredith & Derek – Gray’s Anatomy
We are not going to lie, we have not yet recovered from the death of the doctor Mamour . Especially since Meredith and Derek formed the most emblematic couple of Gray’s Anatomy. Between their post-it marriage, the house candle and the “Pick me, Choose me, Love me”, the romanticism was clearly at the rendezvous. We miss them so much!
Clarke & Lexa – The 100
This is a story of lightning which will have marked us. Indeed, Clarke and Lexa had the right to their share of happiness at the beginning of season 3 before being separated as brutally as violently. Yet, their relationship was great and they really deserved to enjoy it much more .
Oliver & Felicity – Arrow
Their side a little too romantic has annoyed some fans but it must be admitted that the Olicity couple really loved and were very much in favor. She helped him back into the light as he taught her to trust her. A couple too exposed but no less devoid of deep feelings .
Scott & Allison – Teen Wolf
As in a film, the little news fell in love with the dark boy with the heavy secret. A real cliché that was devilishly effective for Scott and Allison . Complices, ready to all for one another, fusional, the couple fetish of the fans of Teen Wolf unfortunately has not had a happy ending but it will remain in the annals thanks to an infallible love.
Brooke & Lucas – The Scott Brothers
A brunette, a blonde and 82 letters later, it is the most beautiful romance that begins. No one has forgotten how Lucas and Brooke shared that little spark that made all the difference . Between pretty declarations, tattoos and flamboyant disputes, their love was volcanic but so authentic!
Max & Liz – Roswell
Max and Liz, it’s a couple from another era. An era in which love was indestructible and exciting . Rarely such a passion had been shown on screen and even today we are speechless before the incredible alchemy that reigned between Shiri Appleby and Jason Behr. Simply epic!
Alec & Magnus – Shadowhunters
Alec and Magnus gain their place in this ranking thanks to this purely fantastic scene during which Alec stopped his marriage of reason in order to languishly embrace the Warlock. We still have chills just by writing his lines. These two are simply adorable on Freeform and we ask for more. So much for our top! While waiting for more info, find out why the couple formed by Hanna and Caleb is endgame in Season 7 of Pretty Little Liars. What is the most romantic couple you think?