The Vampire Diaries: Damon, discover which players failed to play its role!

Cinema 30 November, 2016

As the season 8 of The Vampire Diaries will be the last of the show, it’s time to go back to you to discover a little secret location!

the-vampire-diaries-saison-8-episode-4-episodeDid you know that ..? And yes meltynautes, a few weeks before the end of Vampire Diaries, we wanted to go back to show you a little secret filming of which you probably not aware of. While the editorial ‘of melty wondered if Sybil would eventually join the camp Salvatore in Season 8 of The Vampire Diaries , we really had trouble imagining that Damon could be interpreted by someone other than Ian Somerhalder . Popular with fans, the actor was able to make its own brand to the eldest Salvatore and we will not complain. But did you know that Ian Somerhalder is not the only one who auditioned for the role of Damon? and yes, other actors of the cult series from the CW have also attempted to lend their faces to the mysterious Damon. But then, that was put in head to play a different character?
No less than three different players! So Zack Roerig (Matt), Michael Trevino (Tyler) but Paul Wesley (Stefan) first auditioned for the role of Damon. And it is true that we had trouble imagining donning the costume elder Salvatore. Especially Paul Wesley who did work quite fantastic with beautiful Stefan. Still, the series could be very very different if Zack Roerig had played the role of Damon! One thing is certain, we will have clearly ready at the end of Vampire Diaries. After eight years of loyal service, the show missed. Pending more information, discover why episode 6 of season 8 of The Vampire Diaries has not been released last week. What do you think about this information?