The Vampire Diaries: Elena, Damon, Bonnie, Stefan … all those times the series has made us believe that they were dead

Cinema 6 December, 2016

Tears flowed yet, Damon, Stefan and the others are still alive! Back on the times The Vampire Diaries made us believe in the death of a character.
In episode 6 of season 8 of The Vampire Diaries , Damon killed Alaric has become all gray. But do not panic, the boyfriend of Elena will soon open his eyes and murder his own brother. Stefan he will then really die in episode 7 of season 8 of The Vampire Diaries? It may well be that Julie Plec’s just fun to play with our nerves because the younger Salvatore is now truly immortal thanks to Cade. Caroline’s fiancé should also wake up. It must be said that the creator of the series we already did it several times. The editorial of melty also offers to return to whenever Julie Plec made us believe the death of Damon, Stefan, Elena and the other in The Vampire Diaries . All vampires have died at least once but humans like Matt, Jeremy and Alaric died a countless number of times but came back to life through the resurrection of rings of the Gilbert family . However, after discovering that many resurrections could make them mad, the three men have stopped using them.
Caroline was killed by Katherine but immediately turned into a vampire in Season Premiere of Season 3 of The Vampire Diaries by the blood of Damon. Elena, meanwhile, died in the Season Finale of Season 3 but ended up coming back to life as it was in transition and decided to become a vampire. In Season 7, the series has even made us believe that Damon had burned the body of Elena! For its part, Alaric finally dies almost at the end of Season 3 of The Vampire Diaries . He will return as a ghost in season 4 and 5 during the season until Bonnie manages to bring it for good, in the flesh, in the Season Finale of Season 5. The mower does has not spared Stefan who died in the penultimate episode of that season but was eventually brought back by Liv. Julie Plec made us believe then that Damon had died in the Season Finale of Season 5 of The Vampire Diaries . After crying all the tears of our body, it is understood that the elder Salvatore was alive.
Bonnie is the one who died more times in The Vampire Diaries . In season 2, Bonnie sacrificed herself to kill Klaus. It was then learned in the same episode as the witch, knowing that Klaus wanted her dead, had cast a spell on itself for protection and come back to life. In season 4, she dies saving her boyfriend Jeremy himself died previously. In episode 7 of season 5 of The Vampire Diaries , Bonnie resurrected through Qetsiyah, becoming the anchor that holds the other side. But sacrifices himself again in the Season Finale to save his friends. Everyone thinks as the witch and Damon, remained on the other side, died. But they are actually in a parallel reality. When Damon returns to Mystic Falls in Season 6, he thinks his friend is dead for good. But not always! Bonnie is a survivor! It is simply stuck in 1994 with Kai and manage to return to his friends. As for Katherine, who died in Season 5, she could come back in season 8 of The Vampire Diaries . No one ever really dies in the show … And you, have you been duped by all these deaths in The Vampire Diaries?