The Vampire Diaries is over … 15 things that will terribly miss us!

Cinema 18 March, 2017

While The Vampire Diaries just bows out, we are still in mourning as we were addicted to the adventures of the heroes of Mystic Falls. And to celebrate an addictive series, here are 15 things we will miss!
It’s now over! And yes the meltynauts, after long hoping that all this could be a mere nightmare, we must now go to the obvious: The Vampire Diaries, it’s finished for good . Despite everything, the most iconic show of the CW will continue to live in our hearts and also on Netflix if the urge takes you to make you an incredible marathon. While we are trying to turn the page, the editor of melty wanted to take stock of everything we were going to miss. Because although the series was probably not the most brilliant in the world, it offered us absolutely fantastic moments and it’s time to pay her the tribute she deserves!
15 – The cliffhangers
What would the series with sharp fangs without its multiple twists? We’ll admit that The Vampire Diaries has managed to impress us on many occasions. Whether it is the return of the Ripper in late season 2, the transformation of Elena into a vampire in late season 3 or the unexpected reappearance of Katherine in late season 1, the show knew how to arouse our interest soon The first few minutes and that was clearly a strong point!
14 – Female characters badass
Between Bonnie, Caroline and Katherine, the series has depicted strong female characters that were not limited to the role of a damsel in distress. Very often put forward, the women immediately established themselves as badass figures and able to overcome the most difficult obstacles . Bonnie still sacrificed many times during the episodes and always with courage and loyalty!
13 – Mythology
If the series could have just turned around a simple love triangle, it turned out to be much deeper and much more complicated than it appeared. Between the bonds of Katherine and Elena, the adoption of Miss Gilbert, Stefan’s past with the Heretics and the doubles, there was something to excite for the tormented past of our heroes. Always more effective and interesting, the mythology of The Vampire Diaries was also a charm of the show .
12 – The evolution of Caroline
The pretty blonde has dribbled a lot in the first episodes and strangely, it is while dying that Caroline finally felt alive. Stronger, more confident and more sympathetic than ever, the young woman knew how to turn her transformation into a vampire an indispensable step towards her happiness . A magical and captivating evolution that Caroline quickly became one of the favorite characters of the viewers!
11 – The Flashbacks
Appearing in episode 6 of the first season, the flashbacks quickly proved to be one of the best parts of the series. What a joy to discover our heroes before they become vampires! In addition to sharing innocent moments of the two brothers, the flashbacks also trained us from time to time and we can never forget the 1920s and the terrifying reign of Klaus and Ripper.
10 – Katherine Pierce
It was not for nothing that she was the ultimate villain of the series since it is thanks to her that this story exists. In addition to having transformed the two brothers, it had an impact on all the characters in the series. Between her plague side, her pace, her gait or her bloody replies, Katherine has marked the series of her imprint. And when she left us at the end of season 5, she then missed us so much!
9 – The bad guys
Between Klaus, Kai or Silas, the series brilliantly introduced new villains. Never short of ideas, the team of screenwriters always offered us evil charismatic, complex and devilishly cruel. A force that even gave birth to the spin-off centered on Klaus, The Originals . Whether we love them or hate them, they have shaped the series and we can no longer think of TVD without thinking of all those who desperately wanted to harm our heroes!
8 – Elena Gilbert
As elated as hated, Elena remains the heroine of the series and difficult today to design the show without her. For if she had not fallen in love with Stefan, we would probably never have followed the adventures of the people of Mystic Falls . Tolerant, compassionate, courageous, she agreed to put aside all her prejudices in order to let the Salvatore Brothers enter her life and nothing for that, she will miss us a lot!
7 – Friendship
What would the series be without the friendship that unites all the characters? Between Damon and Alaric, Stefan and Lexi, Bonnie, Elena and Caroline, Jeremy and Matt, nothing would have been the same without the bonds that united all our heroes . Sometimes angry at each other, they were able to put their differences aside in order to face all the trials they had to face together. A loyalty that has deeply touched us and that we will miss very much!
6 – The complexity of the characters
This is an undeniable asset of the show! Even when the characters commit absolutely abominable acts, it is almost impossible to blame them as they have been well written. Indeed, their complexity allows a superb understanding of their motivations. The best example is still Klaus who has finally charmed us to an unimaginable point even though he is, in reality, a terrible psychopath!
5 – The original soundtrack
Difficult to envisage the series without its splendid original band. Indeed, music has always had a fundamental place in the plots and it is sometimes enough to hear a melody to remember an extremely moving scene. So, hearing “Never Say Never” even as the duo Stelena said farewell we deeply touched . Without his soundtrack, The Vampire Diaries would definitely not be the same.
4 – The triangle in love
Let’s face it, the first seasons were centered around this love triangle as exciting as dangerous. Shared between Stefan and Damon, Elena has had many difficulties in choosing between the two Salvatore brothers . And if it was the departure of Nina Dobrev who precipitated the happy ending Delena, who knows what could have happened if the young woman had decided to stay? The series could have ended completely differently!
3 – The replicas
Ah the replicas of The Vampire Diaries! Whether they were moving, funny, shocking, horrible or even overwhelming, it was the aftershocks that also made the show hit with sharp fangs. Some have marked us to the point of not being able to think of TVD without remembering scenes simply emblematic. What will become of them without them now?
2 – Love stories
Let us not forget that the series is also a tribute to love. And stories of the heart, there have been over the episodes. Between Stefan and Elena, Bonnie and Enzo, Caroline and Tyler, Damon and Elena, and so on, The Vampire Diaries has built epic relationships throughout the seasons. If some are already forgotten long ago, others will remain forever engraved in our hearts .
1 – The Salvatore brothers
In the end, it was indeed the Salvatore brothers who made The Vampire Diaries, an adventure so exciting. It was their special connection that set the rhythm of the show. Between their blows of heart and their blows of mouth, we followed with passion the evolution of their relation . And we will not lie, they will miss us terribly! And what are you going to miss in The Vampire Diaries?