The Vampire Diaries is over … Discover 12 things you do not know about the series!

Cinema 21 March, 2017

While The Vampire Diaries recently bowed out on the CW, discover 12 things you do not know about the series with sharp crocs history to comfort you!
It’s hard to get over it! And yes the meltynauts, even if the series ended a few weeks ago, its absence weighs heavily on our morale. After eight years of good and loyal service, it was difficult not to notice that the show had a central place on the American network. While Melty wrote you to discover our top 10 episodes of The Vampire Diaries , here are 12 things you do not know about the series that enchanted us for several years on the CW .
1 – Kevin Williamson, who was behind the success of Dawson’s Creek, was determined to offer a role to James Van Der Beek, who played the main role of the series. Indeed, the actor nearly played the role of Alaric before it was finally given to Matt Davis.
2 – In season 2, in a few seconds, the fans could see the cell phone number of the character of Isobel. When the viewers dialed the number, they could hear an adorable message from Damon, Stefan and Elena
3 – Stephen Amell auditioned for the roles of Mason Lockwood and Elijah Michaelson before finally lending his traits to a werewolf.
4 – We could have missed the beautiful Nina Dobrev. Indeed, the CW had everything on Ashlee Simpson to interpret the role of Elena but when Kevin Williamson discovered the cast of Nina Dobrev, he had a revelation and offered her the role of the show’s heroine.
5 – Candice Accola found love on set. So she went out with Steven R. McQueen (Jeremy) and Zack Roerig (Matt).
6 – Nina Dobrev auditioned without knowing that she should lend her features to several characters.
7 – Klaus should have died late season 3. However, his character was so popular with viewers that Julie Plec has outright created a spin-off around him.
8 – Kat Graham made an appearance in the clip of Justin Bieber: “Somebody To Love.”
9 – The favorite episode of Nina Dobrev is “Lost Girl.”
10 – Claire Holt got the role of Rebekah after auditioning for a role in “The Secret Circle” also produced by Kevin Williamson.
11 – Jeremy is a character invented from scratch, since he does not exist in novels. Indeed, Elena has a little sister in the books.
12 – In order to imitate the blood, the producers concocted a mixture based on cherry juice packed with sugars and dyes. Not sure that the taste was at the rendezvous. Here are the meltynauts! Waiting for more info, discover 15 things that will be missing now that The Vampire Diaries is over. What do you think of these fun facts?