The Vampire Diaries is Over … Top 10 Best Episodes!

Cinema 19 March, 2017

While The Vampire Diaries just bows out on the CW, pay tribute to the show by finding a top 10 of the best episodes of this series like no other!
Go back! And yes the meltynauts, our sorrow is simply huge since the Vampire Diaries left us a little more than a week on the CW . Even though the Series Finale was epic, we can not contain our disappointment that we had to say goodbye to a show that will have deeply marked us over the years. And as we understand your suffering, we decided to offer you a top 10 of the best episodes of The Vampire Diaries. Are you ready ? Let’s go !
10 – Episode 11, Season 5 – 500 Years of Solitude
Let’s start with the 100th episode of the series. A real success so much he had been able to combine action and twists. First, how to forget that it was this episode that saw Caroline and Klaus give their first kiss (and more, if affinities)? But this is also the time when our favorite Katherine Pierce will join the Hells not without allowing the heroes of Mystic Falls to remember all that she has made them undergo!
9 – Episode 1, Season 2 – The Return
Miss Katherine Pierce was back! How could it not have been simply excited when she saw the young woman enjoying herself sowing the trouble between the two brothers and the beautiful Elena? Always as plague and ready for anything to achieve her goals, Katherine had made this episode a real success especially when she decided to pass again for Elena to Stefan who needed only two seconds to Recognize it!
8 – Episode 22, Season 6 – I’m Thinking of You
The season finale of season 6 of The Vampire Diaries is probably one of the most moving of the series. It should be said that it was both the scene of the farewells of Nina Dobrev aka Elena but also the terrible death of Jo then pregnant of Alaric. A brilliantly orchestrated episode that knew how to touch us deeply . More than ever, we had to hold back our tears in front of forty minutes full of sadness, melancholy, love and friendship.
7 – Episode 22, Season 3 – The Departed
As the gentle Elena had spent the majority of the season trying to bring Stefan back to her, she realized that she also had feelings for Damon. Tagged, she finally decided to choose Stefan. The opportunity for us to discover that the young woman had met Damon first and see her turning herself into a vampire. A situation that marked a turning point in the series.
6 – Episode 23, Season 4 – Graduation
This final season was a real concentration of pure emotions. Between Elena’s declaration of love and Damon, Klaus’s desire to be Caroline’s last love and the graduation of our heroes, everything was orchestrated to make us melt in tears … except may – to be the revelation of the identity of Silas! How could we not fall from our chair when we learned that it was actually the evil look-alike of Stefan? We had not seen him come at all!
5 – Episode 5, Season 3 – The Reckoning
Here is an episode that will have marked us with his suspense. Remember, Klaus finally returned to Mystic Falls with a desire for merciless vengeance and he will begin by transforming Tyler into a hybrid before bewitching Stefan to feed on Elena’s blood within an hour if Bonnie does not succeed Not to discover why it fails to ensure the survival of its hybrids. A crazy episode that will bring Damon closer to Elena.
4 – Episode 22, Season 1 – Founder’s Day
The first Season Finale and probably one of the best. It must be said that we were simply charmed by the multiple twists that have punctuated this episode of madness . Between Katherine’s return, Tyler’s transformation into a werewolf, the “Hello John, Goodbye John”, nothing had prepared us for such a surge of surprises. In other words, the summer hiatus had never seemed as long as that year.
3 – Episode 1, Season 3 – The Birthday
In addition to being the theater of the moment Elena fell in love with Damon, this episode was one of the best Season Premiere. While Stefan let her Ripper temperament break out, Caroline and Tyler finally decided to go out together. But we especially remember the final scene that saw Stefan call Elena with “A Drop in A Ocean” in background music . One of the most beautiful Stelena moments in the series: “I Love You, Stefan. Hold on to that.”
2 – Episode 21, Season 2 – The Sun Also Rises
Everything in this episode was immensely sad. Whether it was the death of Jenna, John’s sacrifice through the funeral, nothing was ever the same afterwards. The first significant death, she made Elena a stronger and much less vulnerable character . We will also remember the two brothers Salvatore more than ever determined to protect the daughter of their dreams after events that would change it forever.
1 – Episode 7 – Season 2 – Masquerade
Katherine’s plan was finally revealed in an episode that still remains today in our memories as it is punctuated by action, suspense, surprise, unforgettable replicas, revenge and love. We like the moment when Katherine finds herself locked in a room with the brothers Salvatore but also when they manage to proudly lock her in the cave. In short, a real success at all levels. So much for our top! Also discover the 15 things we’ll miss now that The Vampire Diaries is over . And you, what are your favorite ten episodes of The Vampire Diaries?