The Vampire Diaries Season 8: 3 things that disappointed us in the last episode of the series

Cinema 12 March, 2017

If the Final Series of The Vampire Diaries was very successful, it was missing a few things to make it perfect. Back on 3 things that disappointed us!
If we were all prepared to bid farewell to the Salvatore, the tears of sadness and joy were part of the episode 16 of season 8 of The Vampire Diaries. One of the characters had to sacrifice himself for all the others. Indeed, Stefan played it one last time in a heroic way! Thus, Elena, Damon, Bonnie, Caroline and all the other inhabitants of Mystic Falls were able to live a happy and peaceful existence. “I Was Feeling Epic” was a beautiful tribute to the series and its characters. Intense, poignant, simple and beautiful, this episode closed the show in beauty. If this Series Finale was very successful, paying homage to the vampire show, it was almost perfect but not completely .
You had been warned that Katherine would surely take possession of Elena’s body in the Final Series of Season 8 of The Vampire Diaries and that’s exactly what she did. Was this turn too predictable? Maybe a little … Very soon, Katherine has resumed her appearance of fatal woman and great villain of the series. If she was determined to take revenge, burn Mystic Falls and her hot retorts were on the game, it would have been thought that it would give the Salvatore a lot more trouble . No epic fight, Damon and Stefan managed to “kill” her several times without too much trouble and Bonnie saved Mystic Falls without too much trouble.
Getting rid of Hell and Katherine may have been simpler than expected in The Vampire Diaries . However, it cost the lives of poor Stefan who sacrificed himself for everyone! So Caroline had to say farewell to her husband, the one she will always love. While Bonnie lost Enzo, Elena is ultimately the only one to keep the man of her life alive. It’s pretty sad, is not it? But we can reassure ourselves by saying that like Damon and Elena, Caroline and Bonnie will find peace and therefore Stefan and Enzo. In addition, Caroline may be part of a new adventure after The Vampire Diaries and could find Klaus in New Orleans in The Originals . Klaroline fans will be delighted!
Delena’s reunion not intense enough?
Stefan sacrificed for his brother to have a good life with Elena and the couple Delena surely had it according to what we saw in the last images of the Final Series of The Vampire Diaries . However, we expected a much more intense and passionate reunion between the two lovebirds. So, of course, Damon and Elena were happy to meet but the young woman just leaped into her boyfriend’s arms and gave her a little kiss. So yes the two characters were still in the shock of the death of Stefan but still! We have experienced much more passionate, romantic and torrid moments between Delena in The Vampire Diaries . We then remain a little on our hunger …