The Vampire Diaries Season 8: Anecdotes Crispy, favorite characters, Julie Plec returns to the show that changed his life!

Cinema 12 April, 2017

While The Vampire Diaries recently pulled back on the CW, Julie Plec took advantage of an interview with the Variety website to take stock of this experience that changed her life!
It’s time to take stock! And yes the meltynauts, after eight years of good and loyal services, the series with sharp fangs bent his reverence last March. A news that tore the hearts of all the fans of the show but it was also very difficult for Julie Plec who devoted a good part of her life to the series . While Melty’s editor suggested discovering why The Vampire Diaries was so successful, let’s go back to the crisp confidences of Julie Plec in an interview with Variety . First of all, many characters have hardly ever interacted in the show: “We have realized over the years that Tyler and Elena are not ‘ Had had 22 minutes of screen time to broken everything which is very strange when you think about it. Same for Jeremy and Caroline who had barely 8 minutes of time together. When you have a group where several characters go together, it becomes very easy to isolate ourselves in the world we have built. You can see that two actors have never been face to face for a whole season. ” The executive producer then returned to the evolution of her state of mind from the beginning: ” I started the series in Being not really sure what I was doing. And I finished it the same way but I gained a lot of experience thanks to every season, all the mistakes I could make and all the success we’ve had.
In addition, Julie Plec revealed the names of her favorite characters and there are many bad guys on the list: “I can say that I loved some characters that will remain unforgettable: Katherine Pierce, Klaus Mikaelson, Kai Parker but also Elijah And Rebekah Mickaelson, and they were really well integrated and they really exploded, and they were so successful that some of them even got their own series, which was the funniest thing for us, as We were able to explore and allow new personalities and new voices to flourish in every season, and we were fortunate to be successful with many of them.