The Vampire Diaries season 8: Episode 10, Damon is in danger in the synopsis of “Nostalgia’s A Bitch”

Cinema 8 January, 2017

The synopsis of episode 10 of season 8 of The Vampire Diaries was unveiled! Discover it, without further ado.
Next Friday, the eighth season of The Vampire Diaries continues on the US channel The CW. Now Stefan and Damon have to serve Cade: they took the place of the sirens in order to save the girls of Caroline and Alaric and one wonders well how will happen the sequence of the events. One imagines that the Salvatore brothers will sow chaos around them now that they have extinguished their humanity, but it would seem that Damon will manage much better all that than Stefan. Yes the meltynautes, we recently learned in information on the rest of the season 8 of The Vampire Diaries that the elder of the two brothers will worry about his brother’s behavior. The synopsis for episode 10 has just been unveiled and it tells us more about what awaits us in the near future: in “Nostalgia’s A Bitch” , Sybil begins to avenge Damon putting him in a catatonic state.
This information allows us to think that Damon will change completely by the episode 10 when it is totally controlled by Sybil during the first part of the season. For their part, Caroline and Bonnie then enter into Damon’s mind and they will find themselves faced with familiar faces from the past . Soon they will understand that Stefan is the key to saving his brother. So it’s a race against time that will start when Sybil and his sister will fight for control of the beautiful vampire. An episode to discover soon on The CW, but in the meantime, find the promotional photos of episode 8 of season 8 of The Vampire Diaries . What do you expect from this episode?