The Vampire Diaries Season 8: Episode 4, the origins of Sybil finally unveiled, our criticism

Cinema 12 November, 2016

Last night, the US channel The CW aired episode 4 of season 8 of The Vampire Diaries. Then discover our critique of “An Eternity of Misery”.
This week, The Vampire Diaries made us discover the origins of Sybil and now we know more clearly against that company and Stefan fight. Moreover, episode 4 of season 8 of The Vampire Diaries ended with two rather unexpected deaths, but we shall return later. It happens a lot of things in this new episode, we’ll start with the story of the sirens and thus Sybil. In 750 BC, two girls are on an island and one tells the story of Arcadius the first indicator . If it only wants to help, men will soon turn against him and burned alive. Since then, all the other people with such powers have been exiled. Thus, the two girls were left on the island. One of them is Sybil and the identity of the other will remain a mystery for three quarters of the episode, though our heart is quickly swung between Georgia and Seline.
Sybil tells this story to Stefan who listens carefully but is concerned rather how it is going to save his brother. In the end, we discover that there was no food on this island and that for years, the “daughter of the island” has run aground boats and gave human meat to eat his sister. To the surprise of Stefan, Sybil is the kind of history, one that would not eat human flesh and tried to commit suicide when she discovered the truth. Trying to save his sister, another siren turned to Arcadius – Cade – and it literally made a pact with the devil. Immortality, youth, beauty, the two women have inherited but to preserve them must feed on human flesh and send the evil souls to Cade, the Devil. Stefan does not believe for one second to the existence of the devil and hell, despite the history of Sybil. However, the latter told him that if he wants to save his brother, he will have to kill the Devil.
This story gives us a nice parallel with that of Stefan and Damon, as skillfully emphasizes Sybil. She keeps asking Stefan to any girl of the story is, and it finally admitted that it is both. It was he who forced Damon to turn into a vampire not wanting to be alone, and it is then that he has tried to lead a peaceful existence before his brother come and disturb. Damon and Stefan must pay for their sins and what awaits them is Hell created by Cade. Is there really a way for them to escape? Can it be that Sybil is ultimately the kind of history? Indeed, we later discovered that Seline, the babysitter Alaric is another siren and it seems much more ruthless than his sister. It kills Georgia after having used her to carry out his plan, and eats his flesh. Apparently Seline do everything to find her sister, but that Sybil has decided otherwise.
Meanwhile, Damon is on a mission for Sybil, he must recover an ancient artifact belonging to a certain Peter Maxwell who is none other than the father of Matt Donovan! While Damon has just discovered that Peter has cheated him because he wears a watch imbued with verbena, Matt arrives and saves her father in extremis by making him drink the blood of Damon. She has a family link with Matt mythology mermaids? But then, if Matt was able to save his father, he arrives too late to Tyler that he finds dead in the trunk of a car … yes, Damon has actually killed Tyler, although it is hard to believe. The other will they forgive him one day? Matt is devastated and we imagine that it will not calm the hatred he already feels toward vampires and especially towards Damon.
Note also that despite the cannibalism that occurs in the episode, the most disgusting scene returns to Alaric who decides to pierce the eardrums knife to find the exit of the cave … Ew . This episode starts full of tracks to read and raises many questions, such as: what is the artifact that Sybil wants to recover and Damon finally found? Sybil she will side with the “nice” to get rid of Cade? Once again, the episode is aptly named, “An Eternity of Misery / an eternity of woe” , since it refers to the words of Damon as his brother just force it to turn into a vampire. The plot in back there, that moment when Stefan forced his brother to become a monster and he was automatically sentenced to Hell. The Salvatore brothers will have to answer for their actions and everything suggests that the two are damned . Are there still any hope of redemption? This is what should we say after this last season. Until next week, know that you can already read the synopsis of episode 5 of season 8 of The Vampire Diaries , melty on. What did you think of this episode?