The Vampire Diaries Season 8: Episode 4 tonight, Matt returns to Mystic Falls!

Cinema 11 November, 2016

While episode 4 of season 8 of The Vampire Diaries will air tonight on the CW, back on the main lines of “An Eternity of Misery”!
Matt is back! And yes meltynautes, after missing the first three episodes of the final season, Matt is back and he should have his reasons to set foot in Mystic Falls after deciding to move away supernatural events that continue to occur in the city. While the editorial ‘of melty wondered if Matt’s mother was related to Sybil in Season 8 of The Vampire Diaries , back together on the broad lines of “An Eternity of Misery” aired tonight on the CW . First, know that Stefan and Alaric are determined to learn more about the origins of Sybil but also its powers. The pretty mermaid she will eventually reveal what its true purpose? In any case, Stefan and Alaric learn that the young woman has a sister. But who is she? Is it as dangerous as Sybil? Will this happen to the powerful woman who will put their hands on Stefan? It will take us to wait a few hours to get to the bottom.
But “An Eternity of Misery” will also sign the return of Matt and incredible revelation. Indeed, the young man should learn something absolutely essential about his past. But then, what will he? Does it has to do with his father that we have yet to meet? One thing is certain, we get closer inexorably to the end of Vampire Diaries. After having delighted for nearly eight years, our favorite characters are about to say goodbye and we will have to bring tissues if we do not want to empty ourselves of all our tears. But by then discover our criticism of episode 3 of season 8 of The Vampire Diaries on melty. Did you wait to see Matt?