The Vampire Diaries Season 8: Episode 7, Elena she released Damon? Our criticism of the final mid-season!

Cinema 10 December, 2016

While the episode 7 of season 8 of The Vampire Diaries has just been aired on the CW, return to the main events in the mid-season finale!

Merry Christmas! And yes meltynautes despite recent events and Stefan’s sacrifice to save the twins, the youngest Salvatore refuses to give up his last chance to enjoy a magical Christmas Eve alongside Carolina. And while the pretty blonde tries somehow to accept their fate, it was not counting on the arrival of Sybil and Damon determined to cast a shadow over the last twenty-four of the two lovers. While the editorial ‘of melty proposed to discover Stefan in a new clip of episode 7 of season 8 of The Vampire Diaries , back in detail on the outline of the final mid-season entitled “The Next Time I Hurt Somebody , it Could Be You ” and aired last night on the CW . And the least we can say is that the writing team decided to revive the path of the Ripper and his victims line. Stefan and his dark past resurfaced and his torment was really hard to watch as the only goal of the vampire is to atone for all his mistakes from the very beginning of the series. But it is not going to lie, this plot felt slightly warmed. Certainly Paul Wesley always manages to give a special dimension to the flashbacks but it is a pity to always come back to this period of his life to give him a reason to abandon his humanity. Where the series took an unusual turn, is giving the opportunity to Stefan to get by . Indeed, Cade used his darkest past to ask him to become the Ripper Monterey for a year. Uncontrollable killer, cruel and without limitation, this part of himself had been torn from her by Sybil who saw the goodness in him and had therefore refused to give his soul to Cade.
This revelation raises again the question that arises from the beginning: Is Seline good or bad sister? In any case, it certainly did not fulfill the mission of Cade with a smile. For its part, Sybil did not hesitate to invite the Eve Caroline alongside Damon. The opportunity for her to try to fit in and make friends with the friendly young woman. Unfortunately, we have many difficulties to trust him and to find him an apology as it continues to control up to every bit of what makes up Damon. If the alliance of the duo was able to offer us some interesting scenes from the beginning of the last chapter, we are still a little tired of seeing so prone to sinking . Yes, there are reasons not to want to fight but there comes a point where it would still show that a very small change. And finally, our salvation will come from Caroline gift that makes the necklace from Elena to Damon overcome with emotion and memories. After several weeks of influence and control, he finally ends up turning against Sybil and snatches the heart. Is it really the end of the siren? We’ll have to wait a few weeks to find out. But it seems that the mere memory of the love of his life has triggered a wave of rebellion in Damon.
Moreover, this Christmas dinner allowed the Donovan family to say the most difficult truths to hear. After years away from each other and a horrible loneliness to bear, Matt finally knows why his father never returned. And even if the reason was predictable, no doubt relieved to hear father and son. In turn, Bonnie and Enzo are still in love and accomplices . So yes, they are perhaps too romantic for some but this dose of love is welcomed as the universe of the series became darker with the arrival of Cade and Hell. Finally, we are particularly worried about the sterolins couple. By again becoming an assassin for a year, will he return to her as if nothing had happened? Can she forgive him all these killings? More importantly, what will she do without her daughters and without Stefan? In short, the episode was friendly even if it is complicated for the writers find ways to renew itself. We already arrived in the middle of this past season and despite the small disappointments, we must savor it as it should be. One thing is certain, the second part of the season should be much more intense. Pending further information, the editorial ‘of melty wondered if Caroline would tackle Sybil to save Stefan in Season 8 of The Vampire Diaries. What did you think of the final mid-season?