The Vampire Diaries season 8: Nina Dobrev back, 3 things we want to see!

Cinema 27 January, 2017

Nina Dobrev is officially back for the finale of season 8 of The Vampire Diaries and here are three things we want to see for this ultimate episode!
The announcement was a bombshell: Nina Dobrev is back for the very last episode of season 8 of The Vampire Diaries . It was the actress herself who announced it via a post on Instagram. Very quickly, the Web is boiling and it’s normal! It must be said that the secret was well kept and production, with the complicity of the pretty brunette has maintained the mystery until the last minute . Fans can now blow and it is now time to ask questions. The theories on the involvement of the actress are beginning to emerge almost everywhere on the net and in the editing of melty, we wanted to expose the three things you would like to see in the final series, Which will be broadcast next March on the CW.
1 / The return of Nina in the first minutes
If it is now certain that the pretty Nina will participate in the final series of The Vampire Diaries, the details of her return are kept secret. At the last news, Elena’s life is linked to that of Bonnie. Elena can only wake up if Bonnie dies. So how will his return be orchestrated? If see the actress one last time, even just a few minutes, is already a good point, one can not help but fantasize about her presence during the entire episode . But our little finger tells us that we risk being disappointed if we keep this idea in mind …
2 / Katherine
Elena, it’s one thing. Katherine is another. For many, the dopplegänger of the heroine of the series is a character much more interesting than the high school girl that was known at the beginning of the show. And one can only acquiesce. Katherine is an integral part of the mythology of the series and the vampire was clearly involved in the best scenes and intrigues of the latter . We would love to see Katherine for a few seconds in this final series, through flashbacks! Not you ?
3 / Beautiful scenes with Damon
The Vampire Diaries would not be the series she’s without her love stories, including the strongest: Delena. Whether the series ends on a happy ending or not is not the issue. We just want to see pretty scenes between Damon and Elena, even if seeing Miss Gilbert with all the other characters is an idea that delights us too. Either way, the writers have no choice but to respect the will of the fans to see this mythical couple share strong scenes in episode 16 of season 8 of The Vampire Diaries, the film should soon conclude . We have a few more weeks left before we have the best of it! What do you want to see in the final series?