The Vampire Diaries season 8: Nina Dobrev back, pictures of the actress on the shoot of the final series!

Cinema 29 January, 2017

Check out Nina Dobrev’s pictures of the filming of The Ultimate Season 8 episode of The Vampire Diaries!
This week, the news came as a bombshell on the Internet: Nina Dobrev will indeed be present in the final series of The Vampire Diaries. If we suspected a little, the actress and the production wanted to keep the secret until the last minute, which have turned many heads Jenny . Anyway, this return is synonymous with happiness in the fans and we will not hide it, to the editing of melty, we are particularly excited to the idea of ​​seeing the pretty brunette in the series. And while we introduced 3 things you want to see in Season 8 of The Vampire Diaries with the return of Nina Dobrev , photos of the filming of the last episode were unveiled on which the actress is present. Find out below.
The first photo brings together Nina, Paul Wesley and Kevin Williamson, co-creator of the series. On a second photo, the actress is accompanied by an employee who works for the series. A third photo brings together Nina, Paul, Williamson and this last young woman and finally, a final photo is taken from the images of the final series. We see Paul Wesley share a scene with a woman is believed to be Nina Dobrev . We are given appointment in March for the distribution of episode 16 of season 8 of The Vampire Diaries ! What do you expect from the actress’s return?