The Vampire Diaries Season 8: Nina Dobrev Why did she not expressed on the possible return of Elena?

Cinema 30 November, 2016

While his return is expected in Season 8 of The Vampire Diaries, Nina Dobrev has still not expressed about it … But why?

the-vampire-diaries-saison-8-episode-16-episodeFriday night, episode 5 of season 8 of The Vampire Diaries will air on the CW and we will not lie to you: we especially look forward to finding out. This year, the new chapter of the adventures of the Salvatore brothers will consist of sixteen episodes. Yes, to conclude the series, the CW decided not to order sixteen and it is expected that the final series sees return a character who left the show after season 6 Elena. Julie Plec had also announced last summer that it had asked the actress to return. But since then, more new and certainly not the first interested. But what are the reasons for this silence? First of all one can imagine that Nina Dobrev has not yet formalized this return with the production house. The woman wanted to get away from the show to launch her film career and it is likely to wait to negotiate a higher salary .
The young woman still represents the series around the world since it was in the heart. Anyway, maybe nothing will be announced to cause a real surprise on the part of viewers, after all, it will perhaps motivate them to plug into the CW during the broadcast of the final. The last possibility – that is the least likely – is that the actress will not return, simply . What would be an aberration after all the knowledge that The Vampire Diaries has brought him. While waiting to learn more about this case, find melty program series of the week ! You think Elena will she return?