The Vampire Diaries Season 8: SPOILER will he the ultimate Survivor Series?

Cinema 23 November, 2016

As the season 8 of The Vampire Diaries will be the last of the show, it is quite possible that it ends up on a tragic note. And if SPOILER become the ultimate survivor of the series?

the-vampire-diaries-saison-8-episode-5-8x05And if Julie Plec decided to finish on chaos? And yes meltynautes last few months, we know that The Vampire Diaries will bow out after eight years of loyal service. A story that has the effect of bomb for the most fans of the series to fans sharp fangs . If speculation is rife the very end of the show emblematic of the CW , we still have no concrete details on what will close for good Vampire Diaries. But as the editorial ‘of melty wondered what form might return Katherine in Season 8 of The Vampire Diaries , is it possible that Matt is the ultimate survivor Mystic Falls? Indeed, the young man is now the last human city. Very often mistreated by life, Matt never had the chance to sample a healthy and happy life. Still, he never ceased to protect his friends even as supernatural creatures have continued to make miserable and pull her things they liked most. We can imagine that Julie Plec finally decides to offer him a Happy Ending.
We know Matt seriously beginning to get tired of being the puppet of vampires and werewolves who appropriate his city. Hoping to start anew, he initially excluded Stefan of the city before deciding to move away in order to rebuild. But now are back and it looks ready to fight. More question for him to let it go! If we imagine Matt evil be the cause of a mass murder, sirens seem ferocious enough to successfully kill all the people of Mystic Falls supernatural by Matt, the only survivor. In addition, Julie Plec always said she appreciated very much the character of Matt and she liked the fact that it is the only one still be a human . She decide to rid of most of its problems by killing all the vampires? That remains a possibility. However, difficult to imagine that the executive producer could get there as it wants to satisfy the fans that would be downright depressed if she made such a choice. One thing is certain, whatever happens, we will certainly cry all the tears in our body. Pending more information, see the promotional photos from episode 6 of season 8 of The Vampire Diaries on melty. What do you think of this possibility?