The Vampire Diaries Season 8: Sybil she will eventually choose the camp of Salvatore?

Cinema 29 November, 2016

An unexpected alliance does save the Salvatore in Season 8 of The Vampire Diaries? Sybil could choose their camp!

the-vampire-diaries-tvd-season-8-saison-8Salvatore is on the brink in the season 8 of The Vampire Diaries . Damon has lost all hope of being saved and prefers to continue to serve the devil while Stefan was more than once on the verge of abandoning his brother. The sirens are tough to Salvatore and friends. They are one of the worst threats that the two brothers had to face . Moreover we wondered recently if the creator of the series, Julie Plec, have the courage to kill the Salvatore brothers in Season 8 of The Vampire Diaries . If they have come to the end of Mikaelson, heretics, travelers or Kai, sirens and Cade are even more evil and dangerous than their previous enemies. Will it show the end in tragedy? Salvatore could receive help from an unexpected person! Indeed, Sybil was shown as the main rival of Stefan and Damon at the beginning of the season 8 of The Vampire Diaries . But the siren could eventually become an important ally for Salvatore and friends by giving them a helping hand!
Sybil told Stefan that his sister, Seline, would do anything for her. However, it is Sybil really anything to his Machiavellian sis in Season 8 of The Vampire Diaries ? Not sure ! Damon and Stefan are linked by blood ties but Seline is the heart of Sybil’s sister. She did not hesitate to betray her by not respecting his choice. Sybil wants the nanny Lizzie and Josy to have forced her to become a mermaid, or rather a “monster” . If Seline has always been evil, Sybil was just an innocent girl when Cade turned it into siren at the request of his sister. It would not be the first time a wicked enemy from Salvatore, eventually becomes their ally . The Mikaelson and heretics included fought with Damon, Stefan and friends. Sybil has not hesitated to give a clue to Stefan admitting him including the first name “Seline is very Mermaid” . The former good girl can not be far . Sybil could then take the side of Salvatore attempt to redeem himself by eliminating Cade. While waiting to learn more about a possible alliance between Sybil and Salvatore also discover which character could be the ultimate Survivor Season 8 of The Vampire Diaries. And you think Sybil can it help Salvatore in Season 8 of The Vampire Diaries?