The Vampire Diaries Season 8: Top 6 moments that made us cry!

Cinema 13 April, 2017

While The Vampire Diaries ended recently on the CW, the editor of Melty wanted to come back on the moments that made us cry the most throughout the episodes!
From pure emotion! And yes the meltynauts, one of the great specialties of the show with sharp fangs, was to move and touch us deeply to the point that sometimes it was very complicated to hold back our tears. It must be said that no one was immune to Mystic Falls and that many of our characters have suffered . But there were also those moments that we had been waiting for months or even years, and which really upset us when we finally had what we wanted most. While Melty ‘s editorial offered you to discover the confidences of Julie Plec on The Vampire Diaries, the series that changed her life , let’ s come together on the 6 moments that made us cry the most over the years!
The death of Jenna
Remember, Aunt Jenna’s death following Klaus’ sacrifice is still one of the toughest moments of the series, and especially because it was the first significant death of the series. Indeed, it took two seasons for an important character to disappear . Obviously, when we know the rest, we know that it was only the first of a long list. Besides, she was Jeremy and Elena’s last family. It was the broken heart that we had witnessed at his funeral. We would almost be turned upside down again!
The first kiss Delena
There were Delena kisses before this one but what a wonderful thing it was! Just because it was perfectly reciprocal and we waited so long that our heroine realizes the feelings she felt for the elder of the Salvatore that when she runs in her direction to put her lips on hers, we have been To the angels. Especially since the song of Florence + The Machine, Never Let Me Go, accompanied this magic moment so much hoped by the fans of Delena . In short, an effective cocktail able to put tears in your eyes!
Caroline recovers her humanity after her mother’s death
It was clearly the most poignant intrigue of the sixth season. Caroline faced her mother’s illness and death. A pain she had not managed to manage and which she had preferred to forget by cutting off her humanity. Having become a veritable tornado without faith or law, she had torn up the last letter of her mother before regretting it bitterly by finding her humanity. A terrible scene both in the context and in the interpretation of Candice King . We will never forget this moment as it seemed authentic and horrible at the same time.
The Steroline Wedding
Who could have thought that even with the threat to the ceremony, marriage could have been as moving? It must be said that Stefan and Caroline deserved so much to be happy that this brief lull has turned us upside down. Whether we love them or hate them together, these two have offered themselves magnificent vows . After being friends for so many years, seeing them realize their love story was a great gift for the fans of the first hour. Everything was assembled to make us cry with tears!
The death of Stefan
Shocking, surprising and even unjust, this scene was a real nest of emotions. It must be said that it intervened nevertheless in the last epiode of the series . All our feelings were thus multiplied tenfold and the sacrifice of Stefan simply finished us after a Final Series already rich in melancholy and nostalgia on the CW . Especially since this scene lasted a long time since there was the flashback of the scene with Katherine, the reunion Stelena and finally the reunion of Lexi and Stefan. A few minutes when we were real wrecks!
The Salvatore brothers’ reunion
Even though she was at the very end of the Series Finale, she was still full of emotions. The show has always been centered on the almost passionate love that these two brothers took . And seeing them gathered after so many separate years and after the pain we had felt when we said goodbye to Stefan, it was a real relief and a further opportunity to weep all the tears of our body. So much for our top! While waiting for more info, find out why Caroline deserved better in the Final Series of The Vampire Diaries on melty. What time did you cry the most in The Vampire Diaries?