The Vampire Diaries, Teen Wolf, Pretty Little Liars: The most cute couples of the year!

Cinema 23 June, 2017

The 2017 World Cup is in full swing. So this is the perfect time to get back on the most cute couples of the year. From The Vampire Diaries to Teen Wolf, discover our favorites!
This year has been full of emotion on the series side. Moreover, the World Cup of the 2017 series is launched and it is very difficult to decide between the best shows. To see your favorite series qualify for the 1/8 finals or even win the competition, do not forget to vote every day HERE . Many series have caused a sensation, whether the shows anchored for years on our screens or even the new ones. Obviously, most of these series have one thing in common that is love. Ah love … But then, what couples made us shiver with pleasure and gave us butterflies in the belly? What duo managed to make us dream of a history of ” Love similar? Between The Vampire Diaries , Teen Wolf, who is the favorite of group 2 , Once Upon A Time or even Outlander , discover the most cute couples of the year!
1. Enzo and Bonnie from The Vampire Diaries
We can not emphasize this enough. For us, Enzo and Bonnie form one of the best couples in the series The Vampire Diaries, which is the favorite of group 3 , or even of all the series combined. Their alchemy was so powerful that the duo managed to transport us. If at first their couple was unexpected, it is now engraved in us. We loved them, we smiled with them but also cried. Despite the tragic end of their history, they form for us the most cute couple of the year!
2. Claire and Jamie d’Outlander
The Fraser are one of the most mythical couples in the series . They represent love with a great A. Claire and Jamie have overcome the most terrible trials and have always come out stronger. They are beautiful and are simply adorable together. Their alchemy is so intense that they just make us dream!
3. Stiles and Lydia by Teen Wolf
He was not expected. Since the very first season of Teen Wolf, the attraction between the two characters was perceptible. All the teenshow fans dreamed of only one thing, see Stiles and Lydia as a couple and they were served . In this season 6 of Teen Wolf, the duo finally came into being. Stiles and Lydia confessed their feelings and their “I love you” particularly moved us. They have gone through many trials but their love is all the stronger. What an adorable couple!
4. Emma and Hook from Once Upon A Time
Between the savior and the pirate, it’s crazy love . Moreover, their beautiful and epic love story ended with a marriage. The fairy tales exist and Once Upon A Time has proved it! The magic between the two characters that all opposed to the start worked and we are always charmed.
5. Hanna and Caleb by Pretty Little Liars
This is one of the leading couples of Pretty Little Liars . They fell in love in the first season of the show and despite a few chaotic phases, the two lovers found themselves. Their love is so strong that they decided to get married and it is for us one of the most beautiful couples in the series. Hopefully they have a happy ending at the Pretty Little Liars Series Final! And you, what couple do you prefer?