The Vampire Diaries: The strong points and weak points of the cult series!

Cinema 17 July, 2017

While The Vampire Diaries is fighting hard to get its place in the final, here are the strengths and weaknesses of the cult series!

Will she qualify for the Grand Final? Yes, the meltynauts, we are only a few days away from the results and while the fight between Gray’s Anatomy and The Vampire Diaries rages, can the people of Mystic Falls get their ticket for the final stage of the competition? After eliminating the biggest favorite of the tournament by ousting The Walking Dead, everything is possible for our favorite vampires. While melty’s editor suggested finding the names of the series that went into the semifinals, let’s take stock of the strong points of the show but also its weak points that could cause it to stumble at a step of the supreme title.

The weak spots

If the Vampire Diaries bounced back last March on the CW, we can not deny that it might have been better to leave before when the quality was still at the top. After eight seasons, the screenwriters had a hard time renewing the intrigues and offering us freshness. Same love triangles, same twists, same situations, it was sometimes very complicated to remain captivated by the characters that we loved so much. For despite our attachment to them, it was not always enough to transport us. Did the departure of Nina Dobrev play? Had we gone around the storylines? In all cases, there was very bad.
The strong points

Undeniably, one of the strong points of the show remains its characters. Well-developed, engaging, sympathetic, they have almost become true friends after eight years of broadcasting. We dream of going shopping with Caroline and helping Stefan to heal from his addiction to blood. In the same way, some of the bad guys scored us. Whether Klaus or Kai, Mystic Falls offered us to discover some excellent characters. But his strength also lies in his ability to talk about authentic feelings to which everyone can identify. After having accompanied us for eight years, she clearly deserves to win. Pending the results, vote every day for the World Series Cup.