The Vampire Diaries: When Ian Somerhalder did not want Nina Dobrev back in the series

While The Vampire Diaries ended last week on the CW, back on a moment that could well compromise the return of the beautiful Nina Dobrev!
The lack is intense! And yes the meltynauts, it is in vain to have grasped that the more emblematic series of the CW was now finished, difficult not to experience an incredible vacuum. We can admit it, at the editorial of melty, we are severe morfond since the last minutes of the Series Finale were broadcast . We move from interview to interview to fill the gap that is becoming increasingly intense. And while we were drying our tears, we came across a crisp video. In July 2016, the cast of The Vampire Diaries traveled to San Diego’s latest comic-con since the announcement of the cancellation of the series was now official. As usual, The actors as well as Julie Plec lent themselves to the game of interviews with the journalists who came especially for them . And while the site TVLine has come back with them on the expectations of the fans for this very last chapter, a barney has almost failed to turn badly. Indeed, the journalist wanted to know if we were going to find familiar faces for the last episodes.
A question that Julie Plec answered in the affirmative before being immediately taken over by Ian Somerhalder visibly outraged by his answer. If you look carefully, you will see that a discomfort has settled directly in the room and that poor Kat Graham even asked the reporter to cut the interview . A real take of the head that we were forced to share with you. So real conflict or simple private joke? Had Damon Salvatore’s interpreter been made aware of the possible return of his ex? Not so sure ! Fortunately, everything seems to have been arranged since Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed recently smiled with Nina Dobrev. Would his return have arranged everything? One thing is certain, The reunion Delena have disappointed many fans who would have liked to see that their scenes are much more intense. While waiting for more info, discover our top 10 of the best episodes of The Vampire Diaries . What do you think of Ian Somerhalder’s reaction?

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