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Entertainment 25 January, 2018

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In the Face of hurricane Irma that has swept through the Caribbean in September 2017, Laeticia Hallyday revealed the damage that has been done to the villa Jade, in the pages of Paris Match. The wife of rocker was worried for his friends living down there and has offered to host survivors in his residence.

Laeticia Hallyday has left the villa Jade on the island of St. Bartholomew to return to Los Angeles. The wife of rocker has already leased the house to the beginning of the month of march. A home that has experienced extensive damage during the passage of hurricane Irma in September 2017.

In the pages of the magazine Paris Match of September 14, it was the observation of the work to be done in the villa Jade after the violent winds which shook the island. “Our house is very damaged, but the structure standing. There was damage, but this is nothing compared to the rest of the property, has developed the wife of the taulier. The wind ravaged the bungalows. The garden no longer exists (…) The garden of eden is transformed into refuge for a few days. It was possible to shower, eat, rest. A real Noah’s ark ! It was our consolation, has it reassured. Unfortunately, on Monday, he had to close the villa Jade. Interventions are underway to reopen it to those who need it. “

As Alessandra Sublet, Laeticia Hallyday has released a message full of support for his friends living there. Since then, the mansion has been restored and the bride of the idol of the youth and his two daughters, Jade and Joy, have been unable to reinstall it after the funeral of Johnny Hallyday. The rocker fell in love with this place, a few years ago. It has hosted many stars in his villa to enjoy this little corner of paradise. It was on the island that the singer has decided to be buried.

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