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Entertainment 23 January, 2018

The Voice

In the seventh season of The Voice, which begins on the 27th of January on TF1, three longtime friends find themselves in the chairs of coaches : Zazie, Florent Pagny, Pascal Obispo.

At the start of the years four-twenty-ten, he would often wait in front of a telephone booth to make a phone call. And to listen to music on the headphones, it was necessary to put a cassette in his Walkman, or a CD in his Discman to the most modern. On the FM radios and it was already Florent Pagny and very soon Zazie Pascal Obispo. All three together today as coaches in the seventh season of The Voice on TF1, which begins on 27 January.

Of the fifty-strong characters to paths intertwined, who know each other from a lease. “Between us, these are real love stories, with strong moments and the weak,” says Florent Pagny. “There was a lot of seen, less seen, without ever losing sight of,” says Zazie. As for Pascal Obispo, it readily evokes ” those hours spent on the phone, in the studio, each other, before leaving, to eventually end up. “In fact, the fates of these three figures of the song and of the French variety have been rapidly sealed. (…)

The scene takes place at The Post office, a bar in the Pigalle district, in Paris. Florent Pagny, building on the success of anything, to hangout there so often, with his band of friends including Vanessa Paradis, his girlfriend of the time. Rastignac pop-rock, recently posted his province rennes, Pascal Obispo is leading edge and is present, somewhat impressed (…)

Other times, they are spun from the sacred hands. “One day, the mother of Florent to phone me to tell me that seals have been affixed to their house,” recalls Pascal Obispo. Florent recalls then, I knew what he was going to tell me. “Seized by the Public Treasury, the furniture Pagny, then in conflict with the tax administration, are then put up for auction. “I will redeem, and I give him a big cheque… a lot. I am very proud of it. “And Florent added :” It is safe, it creates links ! “The mishap based on the song My freedom to think, to be interpreted by Pagny and composed by Obispo in 2003, their biggest commercial success in common. Result of the races ? These three speak in one voice about their participation in The Voice, ” tenderness “, ” to be able to make fun of without false complicity “, ” pleasure to meet “. Seen the path, we willingly believe.

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Pascal Obispo,Florent Pagny

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