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Entertainment 27 January, 2018

The Voice

He had to find it. And the convince. Gulaan, the singer’s spiritual 45-year-old has travelled 22 000 kilometres to stand in front of the coaches of The Voice. And was unanimous.

Bare feet, a head covering with feathers and paintings on the cheeks. In six seasons of The Voice already past, we had never seen such a phenomenon. There has been the very celtic Luc Arbogast, or the shepherdess corsica Battista Aquaviva… But Gulaan is a being set apart. A “sage” who came from New Caledonia. His daughter, his family who accompany him admitted into the choir : his voice comes from the other out of the world “, it is ” unique and mystical.”

He is 45 years old. And singing ever since. This is Bruno Berberés, the casting director of The Voice for eight years that was found by browsing the social networks , and discovering, on Youtube, of the benefits of the singer. He went to search his home, in New Caledonia. Gulaan had no other reason to go than to discover its culture canaque, traditional music mélanesienne and travel.

“I’ve always been inspired by the prayer,” he says before climbing onto the plateau. “Music, for me, it is the elevation of the soul, and I would like to bring a little bit of spirituality here “… and includes, without anyone to understand it, Nodeï Perofeta, a traditional song from their home, the “wise” of The Voice has won the hearts of the four coaches – Zazie the first whom he chooses as a coach – and the public as a whole. Whatever happens next, the bet is won… for him, and for Bruno Berberès.

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Zazie, Florent Pagny

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