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Entertainment 24 January, 2018


For the new edition of The Voice, three of the red chairs will be occupied by old friends : Zazie, Pascal Obispo, and history Florent Pagny, present since the first season of the show. Between the two men, a friendship made of hard knocks and tubes to success. Yet, the relationship might not be so benevolent between the two singers. But it is the aura of a woman, Vanessa Paradis, who is going to conceal that beautiful destiny.

Know how to love or My freedom to think, two huge successes that might never see the light of day. Because these two tubes are the result of a steadfast friendship between the composer Pascal Obispo and artist Florent Pagny. Two men of the same generation, who at first, were not doomed to become accomplices. This is Pascal Obispo itself, which reveals : in 1992, when the two singers met in a bar in the Pigalle district in Paris, he only had eyes for … Vanessa Paradis, the partner of Florent Pagny. “I definitely wanted to compose for her,” says the lyricist in TV Big Chains.

It feels significantly more reserves in respect of the performer of anything that he deems a bit too much variety to its taste. In addition, the two men are the subject of comparisons, the permanent from the media, which has the gift to annoy Pascal Obispo who believes it is more rock than his sidekick the red armchair. However, the rivalry will turn into friendship when Florent Pagny, seduced by the tube Lucy is going to ask Pascal Obispo to work with him.

The duo gave birth to Know aimeret a beautiful and deep friendship is born. A complicity that should only be visible for only one season of The Voice, Florent Pagny has already announced that he was leaving the show at the end of this edition.


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