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Entertainment 27 January, 2018

The Voice

It will be remembered as the first true emotional moment of the seventh season of the télécrochet TF1 The Voice. The “new kid” coach, Pascal Obispo, is left to be touched by a recovery of one of its titles lighthouse. Story.

“It has to stop ! “. Pascal Obispo is quickly returned to the lovely voice of Rebecca. But overwhelmed by emotion, he could not contain his tears. The girl takes up “Lucy” its flagship title. When this song was released, in 1996, she was not born, Rebecca. But his mother has often taken her to a concert of his idol, Pascal. And she knows all his repertoire on the tip of the nail. The star of “the Birds Island” breath, is seeking support among his playmates. He removes his glasses and wipes his eyes misty.

Rebecca, smiling, do not leave the eyes. Even if Florent Pagny, which saw its last season of The Voice, he also returned. And he made grand gestures to capture her gaze. In vain.

At Nice, where she lives, Rebecca has been studying to become a real estate agent but since its thirteen years, will not vibrate to the music. And if, at the end of his interpretation full of emotion, it has the four coaches in front of it, obviously, she chose Pascal. As a no-brainer.

Next time, we might be able to choose a title of Zazie or Florent Pagny ! “he blew his coach behind-the-scenes, on the tone of the humour, to serve him already that if “be a fan” he knows what it is, for the rest of the adventure, it will be necessary to know how to diversify !

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