The Walking Dead: 3 characters we’d like to see die before season 8

Cinema 29 January, 2017

A few days before the release of the Season 7 sequel to The Walking Dead, a quick look at the characters we hope to see in Season 8.
While yesterday we told you about four characters who do not perhaps survive until season 8 of The Walking Dead , today is still dead we’ll talk, but desired dead this time. We adore the series, there are necessarily some characters that we appreciate a little less, either because of their cruelty, or because they have harmed the characters we adore or because they do not Are simply not very interesting. The first person we would like to see die before or in Season 8 is Dwight . Spoilers and intrigue of comics apart, we must admit that we would not be against a small revenge of Daryl after what Dwight has subjected him, but also to Denise and the rest of the group. Obviously the situation would change if we learned that it was Dwight who helped Daryl escape from the Sanctuary, but he remains an unfriendly character for now despite what we learned about his story …
The second person we would like to see die is Arat. Negan’s Savior is the one who killed Olivia in cold blood after her leader asked her to kill someone at random and we do not really wear her in our hearts. It must be said that in addition to killing without an eyebrow at the least order of Negan, Arat looks particularly aggressive and violent. In short, not a character we would like to see in the sequel. Finally it is Father Gabriel who closes our list. Not that he is not friendly and we must admit that he has evolved a lot since his first meeting with Rick, but he is far from being the most endearing character of the group. .. Moreover with the war against the Saviors looming on the horizon, a death in the group seems inevitable and leaving a character disappears, as much as it is one that we would not miss too .. . Feel free to share with you as the characters you do not want to see in the series AMC , pending whether one of them will disappear in the following, it has already asked if Alpha is present In season 8 of The Walking Dead. And you, what characters would you miss?