The Walking Dead, Arrow, Gray’s Anatomy, The Flash: Cliffhangers, WTF moments, … the big whatever of 2016!

Cinema 30 December, 2016

While the end of the year is fast approaching, the editor of Melty has decided to return to all those moments that left us speechless in 2016!

What ??? And yes the meltynauts, the series is just as much your passion as ours and if we love them as much, it is also because they sometimes manage to get us down. Between twists, cliffhangers and WTF moments, in 2016, we did not have much respite and that is what is good. While the editorial ‘of melty proposing you to discover our top 8 of the dead that we should have seen coming , back together on all these incredible moments. And we obviously begin with The Walking Dead which is absolutely not the last to propose us many reversals of situations. After having torn the heart with Glenn and assassinations of Abraham by Negan, that she proposed us to discover Daryl locked in a cell in Saviors and forced to listen to music as catchy as devilishly oppressive . At that very moment, we almost felt we had been transported to another universe. But The Walking Dead did not stop there and also shocked us when Negan “checked” if Spencer had guts in the middle of a scene out of time since the Big Bad of the new season was playing Quietly billiards before the entire population of Alexandria. Let it be said, bluntly Negan revolutionized the iconic series of AMC and has regularly left us speechless. On his side, Arrow left us on a cliffhanger of thunder with the return of Laurel.
And we can say that the writers have done strong since no clue has been revealed about the true identity of the young woman. Is this the true Laurel miraculously resurrected or his evil double of Earth-2? We will have to wait to find out. But after a first part of season in half tint, this revelation has enough to amaze us! Meanwhile, The Vampire Diaries featured standout WTF moments. Indeed, the last two enemies of our favorite heroes do not intend to let themselves be done and intends to stay in the annals. So we discovered Seline gaily eating the human flesh of poor Georgia. A scene hard to watch and that will certainly give some nightmares to some of you . Also note the moment when Matt discovers that his friend Tyler died and that his crocodile tears did not convince anyone. At the dawn of its last episodes, The Vampire Diaries continues to offer us stunning passages. On her side, Gray’s Anatomy offered us a love triangle as funny as strange alongside Meredith, Nathan and Maggie. Who would have thought that our heroine could get caught up in this kind of story? But The Flash was not afraid to take his winter break on a real cliffhanger.
Indeed, by offering viewers a vision of the future in which Iris is murdered by Savitar without Barry being able to do anything to save her, The Flash offered us heavy. Our hero therefore has five months to prevent such an event from happening. Will he succeed? Can the series survive without Iris and the WestAllen couple? We will have to wait for the recovery to find out more. In Pretty Little Liars we have not forgotten this crazy moment during which poor Aria discovers live that her fiancé has found her ex without hesitating a single second to kiss her in front of several cameras. Is there a more humiliating way to discover that your boyfriend is cheating you on TV? But the series did not stop there and ended on three cliffhangers simply scary. Spencer and Toby are now between life and death while Mary Drake proved to be the biological mother of Spencer . The last episodes of the show Freeform are therefore very tense. Finally, Shadowhunters also made high level revelations. Between the fact that Clary and Jace share the same father, the change of camp of Jace and the kiss Malec, we had enough to fall from our chair in 2016. One thing is certain, we are eager to find all our favorite series in 2017 for even more cliffhangers and WTF moments. And you, what is your favorite cliffhanger or WTF moment of 2016?