The Walking Dead Copy Game of Thrones and releases an almost identical poster for Season 8!

Cinema 25 May, 2017

The production at The Walking Dead is not outdone when it comes to buzz and she did not hesitate to surf the wave of Game of Thrones to promote season 8.
That’s it, Game of Thrones’ season 7 trailer has finally been unveiled and HBO did not do things half way because a poster had already teased the rest a few hours earlier. The poster in question warns the characters against the Night King and his White Walkers who land in Westeros. And since the White Walkers are a sort of ice zombie , the official website of the Walking Dead Skybound Entertainment comic book was also used to teaser the 8th season of The Walking Dead with an almost identical poster. Is nothing official and it should rather be taken as a joke than a real promotion . Instead of the Night King, it is simply a zombie that ‘ We are back to announce the return of the series this autumn. From the brightness to the font of writing, everything is pumped on the poster of Game of Thrones in a blow of pub sum quite rather funny.
In any case the objective is reached: enjoy the buzz of Game of Thrones to put the zombies back on the carpet and it gives us anxious to see the next season. If for the series of Dan Weiss and David Benioff the poster tease the importance of the threat of White Walkers, we would like however that it is the same for The Walking Dead . Despite the adaptation of the survivors and the decomposition more and more advanced of the walkers, one would like to see the zombies again become a more important danger in The Walking Dead. The tension created by the zombies is at the origin of very good scenes in the series and even if Rick, Daryl and the others do not seem really frightened, the hordes remain a major problem for the different groups. So we hope to see some zombies and not just the big villain Negan in the sequel, and until we know what the big threat of the next episodes is, we wondered if Negan could be missing the first episodes of season 8 of The Walking Dead . What do you think ?