The Walking Dead: Deaths, Revelations … The Worst and Best of 2016!

Cinema 23 December, 2016

We take advantage of the break in season 7 of The Walking Dead to make a small assessment of what the series offered us worse and better this year.
The end of the year is soon there and we know all that it means: it’s time to take stock! After you have revealed why Carl was ready to die to kill Negan in season 7 of The Walking Dead , so this is a small return over the year they offer you. As you know, 2016 offered us two halves of season, the end of season 6 and the beginning of season 7, much awaited by the fans. Overall it was a very good year for addicts zombies we are and we therefore propose to revisit some of the best and worst moments we lived and we invite you to do the same in the comments below !
The Best: Carol Biting with the Wolves (Season 6)
Again, Carol has lived up to expectations with a response as fatal than impressive against Wolves who had invaded Alexandria. In other words, we can not wait to find it like this in season 7 after a rather quiet stay in the Kingdom …
The Best: The End of the Anderson Family (Season 6)
Okay, it’s cruel, it’s bad, but what a scene! The mid-season premiere marked the death of Jessie, Sam and Ron Anderson cruel and quite disgustingly but he also offered us another kick-ass scene: the arrival of Daryl the fire started to get rid of Alexandria The horde of walkers who had invaded it.
The best: The reunion of Rick and Daryl (season 7)
How not to be moved when seeing the two “brothers” finally find themselves in the mid-season finale of season 7, and all on a touching little music? After several days of separation and torture, Rick and Daryl were finally reunited at Hilltop to mark the rebirth of hope, and as you say we loved. Vively on February 12 to see what they are doing to get revenge on Negan.
The worst: Bye bye Glenn & Abraham (season 7)
After making us believe he was dead in a garbage can in the season 6, Glenn finally made say goodbye in season 7, moments after Abraham . In other words, we will long remember this deadly episode that marked the beginning of the reign of Negan and his Saviors …
After following for six seasons, hard hard to see Rick subjected to Negan and ready to be his slave to prevent further massacres . We pull our hat off Andrew Lincoln who surprised us when we thought we knew him by showing us a whole new facet of Rick.
The worst: The wait
Seeing the group being blocked on all roads by the Saviors, we knew what was going to happen but we already feared it. Rick, Maggie, Carl and the others found themselves ambushed to be finally presented to Negan in all its splendor . And while we were preparing for the worst, we had to wait for months before knowing who had passed under the bat … A frustrated cliffhanger that will not be forgotten soon.
That closing our little overview of what we could see in The Walking Dead this year although obviously we could not talk about anything we liked or disliked. We think for example of the brutal death of Denise, Carl and his eye or to Spencer who got ripped by Negan . It’s up to you to tell us what you loved this year and what you would have preferred not to see. While waiting to find all survivors in February, we wish you a wonderful holiday season and invites you to discover a fascinating new theory that Carl was the real hero of The Walking Dead ! And you, what did you prefer this year in The Walking Dead?