The Walking Dead & Fear The Walking Dead: Is Madison Rick’s Sister? The showrunner answers!

Cinema 12 July, 2017

That’s the question we’re asking more and more as Fear The Walking Dead season 3 advances, and we finally get the answer.

Two days after Fear The Walking Dead’s season-ending mid-season season 3 is released, it’s one of the biggest theories linking the series to his older sister, The Walking Dead. Indeed several elements made fans speculate on a possible relationship between Madison Clark and Rick Grimes. Whether it is their Southern accent or Madison’s determination to seize a place and eliminate its occupants if need be – just like Rick in Alexandria – both characters have much in common. Following these speculations, the showrunner Dave Erickson gave a definitive answer during an interview with Comicbook.

“I’ve heard about this theory, and I think I talked about it a little when I first appeared in Talking Dead saying that I found this idea interesting, and the accent of Kim Dickens from Alabama, But it’s been learned that Madison is also from there, so for me it’s not related to Rick or anyone else from The Walking Dead. Fact that it is from the south is just a coincidence “. This is at least clear, although it obviously does not prevent the fans to imagine what they want. While waiting to see if Rick and Madison will meet one day, we suggest you know more about the release date of Season 3 episode Fear The Walking Dead.