The Walking Dead & Fear The Walking Dead: What if Madison was Rick Grimes’ sister?

Cinema 15 June, 2017

The spin-off of The Walking Dead tends to bring the character of Madison to that of Rick Grimes: both ready to do anything to protect their loved ones, a leadership instinct … Would not they have a family tie?
After the death of Travis, many fans are wondering who will take the lead role in Fear The Walking Dead: Daniel? Victor? Nick? We would rather look for the character of Madison! Ready for everything for her family, she has shown herself more and more cruel in the course of episodes (especially that of the spoon). Most viewers who watch Fear The Walking Dead do it because they first enjoyed The Walking Dead and they obviously try to find the link between the two series that occur in the same apocalyptic world. The last theory you were told is this: What if Rick Grimes was Madison’s brother? We explain everything!
Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead quickly adapted to the apocalyptic world in which he found himself overnight. As a strategist, he became the leader of his group, ready to do anything to protect his family. Does not that remind you of someone? Madison has the same temperament as the hero of TWD . Since Nick and Alycia’s mother said she was originally from the Southern United States in episode 3 (like the characters from The Walking Dead ), fans are wondering about a possible family tie between the two Characters . But any theory is not good to believe! If Rick Grimes had a sister, why did he never mention him before? And vice versa. In addition, David Erickson, Fear The Walking Dead showrunner said no plan was planned to orchestrate a crossover between the two series. At least things are clear ! RDV Sunday on AMC for the continuation: but before that, did you follow well the episode 3 of Fear The Walking Dead ?
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