The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, This is Us, Gray’s Anatomy …: The best episodes of 2016!

Entertainment 31 December, 2016

What were the best episodes of this year 2016? A short tour of these television nuggets!
Today is Monday 3 December 2016! As we begin a new year from tonight at midnight, Melty’s editorial continues to review everything that has marked American television in the last twelve months. Today we have decided to return to the best episodes of 2016 . This is, of course, a non-exhaustive list and we would be delighted to know your opinion in the comments space. As we say: all the tastes are in the wild and it is high time that we debated those episodes that marked the year 2016!
This Is Us – 1×01 – “Pilot”
It was during the month of September that NBC launched This Is Us, which proved to be THE number of school . Because we want to let you have the opportunity to discover this episode by yourself, we are not going to say too much. However, the final twist is particularly great and it is one of the best episodes of the year, all series . Emotion and laughter are there!
The Walking Dead – 6×16 – “The Last Day on Earth”
Even though the finale of season 6 of The Walking Dead shared the fans as to his cliffhanger particularly difficult to swallow, the episode was a success in every respect. The more minutes progressed, the more tension grew and until the final scene we all know now: putting a death of a character by Negan whose identity will be revealed that during the episode 1 of the Season 7 of The Walking Dead released last October in the USA.
Gray’s Anatomy – 12×09 – “The Sound of Silence”
Last February, Gray’s Anatomy returned for his second part of the season on ABC after three months of absence. And it was not any episode that was broadcast. Deeply shocking and moving, “The Sound of Silence” saw Meredith was attacked by a patient. Much of the episode unfolded without sound and Ellen Pompeo’s performance was remarkable. Yes, life is unfair: the actress has still not been nominated to the Emmy.
Game of Thrones – 6×09 – “Battle of Bastards”
Game of Thrones has always been a remarkable series when it comes to special effects and grandiose shots. But the penultimate episode of the sixth season has surpassed the expectations of viewers who attended a memorable battle between Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton .
Westworld – 1×10 – “The Bicameral Mind”
With Westworld, HBO found Succession Game of Thrones while the latter comes to an end in 2019 . Yes, the network needed a new show complex and large and clearly, Westworld is what we needed. The finale of season 1 was also a real success: revelations, shock, beauty and answers. We will need, however, to wait 2018 for Season 2 of Westworld .
How to Get Away with Murder – 3×09 – “Who’s Dead?”
Since its inception, the series carried by Viola Davis shocked and nailed viewers to their seats . This year, an important character of the show has made its last breath in the final mid-season of HTGAWM, leaving the fans with even more questions. Anyway, “Who’s Dead ?” Is undoubtedly one of the best episodes of the series. What were your favorite episodes this year?