The Walking Dead, Gray’s Anatomy, The Vampire Diaries: Who will qualify for the 8th of Final? (J-1)

Cinema 25 June, 2017

The first phase of the World Series Cup competition will soon be over! Who will qualify for the 1/8 finals? It’s up to you to vote!
The end is near ! You only have a few hours left to vote for your favorite series and help them qualify for the 1/8 finals . To be more specific, you have until tonight to vote. Which series will pass the second phase of this competition? What TV shows have their chances? In each of the eight groups, two sets will be able to advance to the 1 / 8th stage and thus have a chance to reach the quarter-finals and who knows, maybe win this 2017 World Cup! Obviously, nothing should be relaxed and we must continue to vote. So who of Gray’s Anatomy who seems to be the favorite of group 1 , The Walking Dead, Once Upon A Time, Lucifer, Teen Wolf, Vikings, Arrow and others will qualify? It’s up to you to decide !
This 2017 World Cup is the most intense! All the series are neck-to-neck and there are only a few votes separating them. Nothing is yet played and everything is possible, know it. Your favorite series still have every chance of beating their rivals in this fierce competition. Everything rests on you and on your votes the meltynauts. Besides, to vote, click HERE . As you know, the choice is difficult and these 35 series all deserve to win, however, you have to make a choice and it is up to you to do it! Will the trends be ‘ Reverse or confirm? Are the big favorites of the competition like The Vampire Diaries for Group 3 or Teen Wolf for Group 2 going to pass the 1 / 8th finals? To your votes because tonight their destiny will be sealed! Which series do you want to qualify?