The Walking Dead, Grey’s Anatomy, Quantico: The best songs of the episodes of the week!

Cinema 8 November, 2016

New week, new episodes, new music! This week, it was soft ear with The Walking Dead, Grey’s Anatomy and Quantico.

abc-amc-fox-lucifer-grey-s-anatomy-the-walkingStore your Shazam! We are here for you ! In this weekly appointment, we offer the best songs of the episodes of the week. Just for you, we select the best of the best music of the last episodes aired, all series! This week we have seen a torture scene in The Walking Dead . Poor Daryl has been the blood ears almost. The episode 3 of season 7 of The Walking Dead, which is critical to read melty , used a piece for his crazy character. And as we are a little crazy, we have you heard again. It was also selected titles heard in Grey’s Anatomy , Quantico and Lucifer ! For your listening pleasure, so there’s Sebastian Kole of Broken Social Scene, Roy Orbison, the Collapsable The Hearts Club and The Veils.

Let’s start with The Walking Dead for his use of music this week should be emphasized. It is used to torture one of the favorite characters from the show. Daryl hear again and again the same title, “Easy Street” The Hearts Club Collapsable in this episode 3 titled “The Cell” . The series still offers us another piece when Daryl crack. You can hear “Crying” by Roy Orbison. If you want to annoy someone, you know what you have to do now.

Like last week, Quantico again uses two of the same group to accompany his characters during intense and bloody 42 minutes the sixth episode. The sound of Broken Social Scene therefore flatters our ears with his song “Sentimental X’s” , which of two titles us most marked. Not you ? And what did you think of this new adventure?

Lucifer likes to find songs with its title and lyrics the word “Devil” or devil VF . It is rather well thought out and rather funny. This week, in episode 7, it is a piece of The Veils was chosen. It is entitled “Low lays the Devil” and that’s rock’n’roll. This title accompanies the arrival of Lucifer, played by Tom Ellis , Chloe at where it falls on Trixie who steals his sandwich before to comfort his mother.

Finally, our favorite medical drama returned tickle our ears this week with a new beautiful song. “Remember Home” Sebastian Kole with Alessia Cara featuring echoes in the corridors of the hospital where we dream to see 3 returns in season 13 Grey’s Anatomy after that of Murphy . This title can be heard at a high point where Miranda is lost. It’s beautiful and it’s hard . We love and we want more! What songs do you remember from this week charged series?