The Walking Dead: How much time has elapsed since the start of the series?

Cinema 18 April, 2017

A few months before the release of Season 8 of The Walking Dead, you are given a season-by-season recap of elapsed time to see more clearly in the series’s timeline.

While we were learning that there were only 3 regular actors promoted for season 8 of The Walking Dead , it is not to the characters but to the time elapsed in the series that we will now be interested. Indeed, between the seasons, the mid-seasons and the different ellipses, it can sometimes be difficult to find oneself . We are going to use the wikia page of the The Walking Dead series and we invite you to share your own understanding of the timeline of the series in the comments. According to the information gathered on this page and gathered thanks to the different information given by the characters in the series and the webisodes, it has been about 20 months since the beginning of the ” Apocalypse zombie. At first glance, this does not seem to be much and the biggest problem of course is the growth of Carl and Judith, who seem to have grown from well over 2 years in the 7 seasons. However, if we strictly adhere to the facts, the fact that a little more than 630 days have passed is still possible .
Season 1
According to the chronology of Wikia, the very first episode of The Walking Dead, entitled “Days Gone By” , happens 60 days after the beginning of the apocalypse. During these 60 days, Andrea and Amy met Dale in Atlanta, Shane visits Rick in the hospital and blocks the door of his room to protect him from the walkers and the whole group of the first camp begins to form. The first season then takes place over 5 days – reunion between Rick, Lori and Carl, walkers attack on the camp, visit and leak of the CDC . The first season therefore ends on D + 65, a little more than two months after the beginning of the zombie apocalypse.
Season 2
Season 2 resumes directly after the first, at D + 65 . The next day, Rick leaves a message to Morgan and Sophia disappears and does not reappear until much later, in the barn of Hershel. Carl gets shot by Otis on D + 67 and the whole group joins the farm and gets to know Maggie, Beth and the others. Season 2 continues until D + 83 for 18 days during which Dale and Shane die, the group discovers the walkers in the barn, a fire ravages the farm and forces them to flee and Andrea is saved by Michonne.
Season 3
Season 3 resumes in the spring and we learn in a few episodes what happened during the winter. According to the site, about 200 days elapsed during the ellipse, more or less 7 months during which Carol became a good shooter and Hershel’s pupil, Carl and Beth got closer and Andrea and Michonne survived together. Season 3 begins at, approximately, D + 300 or 10 months after the beginning of the zombie apocalypse . After months on the road, the group finds the prison and settles there. Season 3 lasts about 21 days or three weeks. During these three weeks, Lori dies in childbirth and gives birth to Judith, Andrea and Michonne discover Woodbury and meet the Governor, Merle is discovered alive as Morgan, Rick and the Governor clash and Andrea and many others die. After Andrea was fetched to Woodbury, Rick and the others came back with a group of survivors who joined the prison.
Season 4
Again, long months pass between the two seasons and it is once again in the good days that The Walking Dead resumes. Season 3 ended at D + 321 and it was about D + 500 that season 4 began, 16 months, or 1 year and 4 months after the beginning of the apocalypse, and 1 year and 2 months After the very first episode . During the 5 months of the winter that is not seen on the screen, Morgan is formed by Eastman, Enid arrives in Alexandria, several groups come to swell the ranks of the community of Rick to the prison and the Governor is collected By the family of Tara. In season 4, which resumes on D + 500 , an epidemic kills many living in the prison, Carol decides to kill Karen and David and is exiled by Rick, The Governor attacks the prison and kills Hershel, prompting the whole group to separate. Most of them ended up at Terminus, except for Beth, who was abducted by Dawn’s group in Atlanta, and Carol, Tyreese and Judith. The end of season 4 is at D + 511, less than 2 weeks have passed.
Season 5
Season 5 resumes where season 4 stopped on D + 511 , with Carol releasing her friends from Terminus and the group finally reunited. During the 36-day tour, the group meets Father Gabriel, Beth and Tyreese die, and Eastman also – even if we only know it in season 6 – Morgan then sets out to find the traces of Rick . The group is on their way to Washington and encounters problems in finding water and food. They then fall on Aaron, which brings them to Alexandria. After a few days in the new community, Morgan returns with Aaron and Daryl while Rick kills Pete. A little more than a month has passed and season 5 ends at D + 547 after the beginning of the apocalypse .
Season 6
Season 6 resumes where Season 5 has stopped, just after Pete’s death on D + 547 and extends to D + 628 ie 20 months, or 1 year and 8 months after the beginning of the apocalypse . During the 81 days that pass – or almost 3 months – Rick and the group evacuate a huge horde of a quarry, Alexandria is attacked by the Wolves then by walkers and Carol decides to leave before being saved by Morgan and the Men of the Kingdom. Nicholas, Deanna, Jessie, Ron and Sam die while Glenn disappears, Daryl meets Dwight and Carl loses his eye. Season 6 also marked the encounter with the first Saviors, with Jesus and the community of Hilltop and last but not least , with Negan in the last episode.
Season 7
Season 7 starts at D + 628, a few minutes after the end of season 6 . Six days then pass until the mid-season premiere (7×09), Rock in the Road . During these 6 days, Glenn and Abraham died, Carol discovered the Kingdom with Morgan, Daryl was kidnapped by Negan and fled and Rick managed to establish contact with Hilltop and the Kingdom to ask them to Help against the Saviors. Although the site does not specify it, it is assumed that only a few days passed between the episode 7×09 and the 7×16 since everything seems to be connected very quickly until the first confrontation against the Saviors and the death of Sasha.
According to what the characters say and the various information provided by the external sources – webisodes as interviews of the actors and the production team – it is therefore about 20 months since the beginning of the zombie apocalypse, And so from the pilot . The inconsistency due to the fact that Chandler Riggs can not help but grow is blatant but for the rest, all this seems to hold rather. The fact that we do not really know what happens during the winter remains strange and we hope we can soon see it in the series. In the meantime, we can ask questions about the resumption of season 8 of The Walking Dead which should be done with a leap in time!