The Walking Dead: How will Season 7 end?

Cinema 9 January, 2017

A little more than a month before the return of season 7 of The Walking Dead for his second part, one wonders how all this story could well end … Attention, spoilers.

February 12 comes slowly but surely and it means one thing: the return of Rick, Daryl and the others to finally face Negan. We continue to help you and then we wait you revealed there is little new mysterious images on season 7 of The Walking Dead , today we will speculate a bit on the end of the season and how it Could end by answering a few questions that arise naturally. The first is whether Rick will kill Negan, and the answer is no, for several reasons . Jeffrey Dean Morgan has already confirmed his presence in Season 8 of The Walking Dead and Negan is too important in the history of the universe The Walking Dead to disappear after only one season. His long-awaited presence was teased for weeks and it would be a shame to get rid of it when we have just made his acquaintance. The second question that can be answered is whether the war will take place in this season, and the answer is yes, probably.
Watch out for spoilers coming from the US comics in the sequel. The final confrontation between the Saviors and Alexandria is not expected, but given the final mid-season and the clues left here and there, it is more than likely that one or two face-to-face events are already taking place – and victims that go with . In the comics, Rick and his group launch a first attack against the Sanctuary and lose Holly – whose role could be resumed by Sasha – before Negan comes to retaliate by throwing grenades on Alexandria. It is only the arrival of Maggie and the people of Hilltop who succeed in chasing the Saviors, and everything in the series indicates that things could happen the same way in the second part of the season. But this is not all since the information reported by The Spoiling Dead Fans also confirm these theories.
According to the site in question, explosions would have occurred on the shooting of the last episodes as well as celebrations in the compound of Alexandria. You can imagine Rick, Daryl, Carl and the others celebrating their first real victory against the tyrant who enslaved them for several weeks. All this allows us to imagine fairly accurately what will happen in future episodes and especially how the season will end . It is possible that after having offered us a final season very controversial and agonizing to the possible for the season 6, AMC gives us this year a last episode tinted with a note of hope and announces a real renewal for Rick and the others . In any case it makes us look forward to being already in February to find them all and see them prepare to fight. To wait for a few more weeks, a preview is available with Rick and Maggie mission on a photo of episode 9 of season 7 of The Walking Dead . And you what do you think ?